Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack Review


I got this Blossom Kochhar Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face pack (ABC deep cleansing face pack) from Medplusbeauty in my Medplusbeauty Haul. I have been using it once or twice every week and I am now ready to review this facial pack for you all! So, let's see how this face pack worked for my oily skin...

Product Description- I transform your skin in six miraculous ways. I lighten and brighten the skin instantly by exfoliating dead skin cells. I deep clean with activated carbon that draws out dirt, oil and make up. I nourish with restorative minerals and vitamins present in Himalayan clay. I protect with an anti bacterial shield provided by organic essential oils. I gently smoothen and I also tighten the pores leaving you looking younger, fresher and radiant as ever.


Ingredients- Bamboo charcoal powder, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, emulsifying wax, juniper berry essential oil, aloe barbadensis, illite, simmondsia seed oils, salix nigra bark extract, pterocarpus santalinus wood extract, citrus medica limonum, boswellia carteri oil, aqua


Shelf Life- 24 months from Mfg. date

Price- Rs. 300 (Introductory Price) for 100g

Packaging- This comes in a normal white tube with all the information printed on it. The cap is of a rotate and open type (like a toothpaste) and taking out the face pack is very easy! The cap is tight and the packaging thus becomes travel friendly.

Color, Consistency and Fragrance- This deep cleansing face pack is black in color and has a toothpaste-like consistency- neither too thick nor too runny. It spreads very easily onto the skin, even when the skin in in dry condition. This face pack contains Bamboo Charcoal powder and has not been tested on animals. I also do not see any harmful ingredients and the ingredients as mostly natural. This face pack smells a bit bitter but the fragrance is not too strong. I have becomes used to the charcoal-ish fragrance and now it does not bother me anymore!

My Experience with  Aroma Magic Activated Charcoal Pack-

I apply this face pack after scrubbing my face with Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub. It is very easy to apply this face pack and this black colored, activated bamboo charcoal deep cleansing face pack spreads easily onto the skin. I keep it for around 15-20 minutes, till it dries completely. After that, I wash this face pack off using circular motions with luke warm water. I then use Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion to properly remove all traces of the face pack, revealing clear, glowing skin.


This face pack effectively removes all dead skin cells, tightens my skin and makes it glow. The natural glow on my facial skin lasts for almost 2 days and my skin feels so soft and happy :) This face pack never ever over-dries my skin and keeps it in good condition, without breaking me out. However, while washing it off, I have to be careful as it creates a bit of mess due to its black color. Overall, I am going to repurchase this natural face pack for sure as there are almost no harmful ingredients used in this face pack and it does its job of removing impurities nicely! Highly recommended to all skin types. Dry skinned beauties should moisturize their skin with a suitable moisturizer after washing this face pack off.


PROS of Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Pack-

1) Travel friendly packaging
2) A little goes a long way!
3) Affordable, considering the quantity you get
4) Never broke me out
5) Contains almost no harmful chemical ingredients
6) Not tested on animals
7) Fragrance is good
8) Makes my skin soft, smooth and supple
9) Removes dead skin cells and other impurities nicely
10) Glow lasts for 2 days
11) Superb consistency, spreading the face pack onto the skin is very easy
12) Suitable for all skin types (We use moisturizer after using this Charcoal face pack)
13) Deep cleanses the skin and lives up-to its claims


CONS of Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Pack-

1) Offline availability is an issue (Available online, though)
2) Due to its black color, washing it off creates slight mess

Final Verdict- This face pack does what it claims, cleanses the skin deeply, brightens up my face, never gave me pimples or acne and  this dries fast too! Also, a very little amount is required for each use. I use it once or maximum twice a week. This face pack also does not over dry the facial skin. So, I highly recommend this face pack and would repurchase it. This is worth every penny I have spent.

Rating- 4.8/5

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  1. I have been looking for a charcoal pack for so long and I thi k thus will be perfect..
    I hate when washing these packs greats a mess on the basin
    Keep in touch

    1. It does create a mess but I can bear with that as I get glowing and soft skin after using this! :)

  2. I have read a lot about this one....great it worked for you..would you reccomend this to dry skin ones too
    Nicely reviewed Dear :))

    1. I would recommend this to all skin types, but dry skinned beauties should definitely use a good moisturizer after using this! Thanks a lot dear :)

  3. Wow! This seems great but it is soooo costly :(

    1. Yeah, I at first felt the same too but after I received this, I discovered that you need only a very very small amount for your whole face and it has been more than a month now and still there is 80% of the total amount of product left in the tube :D :D

  4. Seems like a nice and lovely products... I personally have a love for charcoal products ever since the Ponds deep cleansing charcoal face wash was launched ... The product itself looks so pretty to me.... Although charcoal containg products tend to over dry my skin... Check out my Smokey eye tutorial on

    1. This never dries out my skin excessively and does its job nicely too, but I do use a moisturizer or aloe Vera gel after using this :))

  5. Sounds great, I think it's perfect for oily and combination skin especially in summer! Great review Arpi <3

    1. Thank you Rakhshanda :) I know, this is my personal favourite face mask :D

  6. Sounds like a lovely product Arpita. Hop it suits my sensitive skin :)

  7. Seems to be a nice product Arpi :) thanks a lot for reviewing it <3

  8. sounds really nice, will checkout!!

  9. I use it once in a really wrks and leave skin glowing.though i have a dry skin bt i use moisturiser after applying..

  10. Ohhh! wish I can try. There's so much of goodness about the product.

  11. I love this pack!! It been months I have been using this and it wroks great! Nicely reviewed dear :)

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    xoxo from Spain

  13. wow...looks wonderful arpi
    Great review

    my recent one :

  14. Looks good but I am not sure I would like the color. To me, it seems a little to dark but if it works well, it might be worth a try.

  15. Your blog is a great hotspot for inspiration :D

    I have no choice but to follow you around :P

    Come by for a chat or follow if you like of course :)

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  16. WOW!! this sounds nice. I will give it a try.

  17. This seems to be a good product for oily skin

  18. I love the fact that this one is a green product and works great for oily skin. The price is decent too. Nice post dear......

  19. Never tried a charcoal face pack bt now i think i shud.. nice review Arpita ^_^

  20. Hey beauty love ur new post .Keep posting .
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

  21. Great review Arpita. After my current face pack is over I will definitely get this :)

  22. I used this pack recently...I loved it ! Got rid of the pimples in a nice way....:)

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