Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Review

Aroma Magic Lavender Essential Oil Review-

I love Lavender colour, lavender flowers, lavender soaps and now this Lavender essential oil! I have been using it since 7th June, 2013 and it has been more than a month now! Just thought of reviewing it for you guys :D 

Seriously, this is a must buy product :)

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Packaging

Do let me know in the comments if you like stuff that have that divine lavender fragrance...
So, are you ready for the review and the superb pictures?

About Aroma Magic Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is the mildest but most effective of all essential oils. Aroma Magic Lavender Oil is anti-inflammatory, relaxes aches and body pains. It can be used as an antiseptic for skin care. Restive helps restores balance and encourages sleep.

Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Price in India
Scientific name- Lavandula augustifolia.

Price- Rs. 145 for 15 ml 
Shelf Life- 3 yrs from Mfg. 

I have been using it from 7th June 2013...Have written it down so that I don't forget it :P

Precautions:- For external use only. Avoid use on eye. Keep away from children. Protect from heat & light. Dilute Before use. Never use lavender oil directly- always mix them with base oil. Not to be taken orally.

My Take On Aroma Magic Lavender Oil-

This comes in a thick blackish-brown small bottle with a red cap. As soon as you open the cap, you will find a tiny hole, through which you can get the oil out. The oil smells divine- floral and soothing. The packaging could have been better. The product will last you for good 2-3 months. This Lavender Oil is affordable and is in its pure concentrated form. You need to dilute it in some carrier oil (like Olive oil, Castor oil, Coconut Oil, etc) and then use it. You can also apply it onto the skin directly.

The Small Opening through which the precious oil comes out...

You must have already read about the Benefits Of Lavender Oil on this blog (If you have not, then check it out :) ). Well, This is pure Lavender Essential Oil that works superbly on my skin- helps in preventing break-outs, though does not actually stop them. It smells heavenly and does not make my skin excessively oily or anything. It can be used directly onto the skin, just 2-3 drops, and your face will get freshened up! You can drop 2-3 drops of this on your pillow for a good nights sleep too.

 It can be used for light moisture on the nails too and it makes them shine! You can add it in a bowl of hot warm coconut oil and then apply the mixture to your hair. Believe me, hair definitely becomes softer, shinier and healthy with regular usage. I simply love this oil and I use it in my face masks,face washes (just a drop), in hair oils (2-3 drops) and as a cuticle moisturizer too! This oil has antiseptic and helps heal minor insect bites too! So, shouldn't you get this heavenly smelling oil?

How is the editing? :P It's Diwali in the background :P :P

Summing up the Pros and Cons of the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Lavender Essential Oil....

  1. Strong packaging: No leakage and even when the product fell down, accidentally, it did not break :D
  2. Very Affordable!
  3. Will last me for a couple of months, easily
  4. Only 2-3 drops are required per use
  5. Very soothing and calming
  6. Can be used on hair and skin both!
  7. Finally, the fragrance: Smells heavenly, divine, soothing, calming, wonderful, amazing and the list continues..... 
  1.  Does not completely Stop breakouts- just helps in preventing them
  2. The packaging could have been cuter...

Overall Verdict- Do get it if you want good skin, hair, nails and even if you want to have a perfect beauty sleep. You can put a few drops on a clean pillow and enjoy the heavenly fragrance and a deep sleep! I simply loved this product and highly recommend it for all skin types :D Oily skinned beauties- this will not make your skin super oily or anything. It just fades away pretty soon :)

Aroma Magic Lavender Essential Oil Swatch!

Rating- 4.75/5 :)


  1. Its deffinatly worth a shot..
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  2. nice review well written !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i heard that it is anti depressant and a mood changer.. me def getting this.. nice review Arpita :)

  4. I love Lavender oil very much I have Aromamagic Tea Tree oil, will get this soon :)
    Nice Review and pictures Arpi :)

    1. Thanks Radha :D I want to try the Tea tree oil from Aroma Magic too :)

  5. I love love love love lavender oil...its just too aromatic. Will try this range
    Nice review Arpita:)

    1. Thanks Sugandha :) I love Lavender oil too :D

  6. Great Review Arpita! I am gonna try this one out for sure... :)

  7. nice review arpita..i love lavender oil too..

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