Sleek Pout Polish (2012 Limited Edition)--PRIDE review-

Sleek Pout Polish in Pride

How is the day coming along lovely people?
This was gifted to me by Rekha  as I won her Giveaway smile
Let us find out how Sleek Pout Polish in Pride worked out for me.

Content: - 10 grams.
Ingredients- Please refer to the images [Actually I am too lazy to type ]

Product Information!
Price- £4.30 or Around 372 INR (Actually, it is not written on the box or on the tub) confused

My Take on Sleek Pout Polish in Pride-
Tub Packaging

Fragrance- This lip balm has a heavenly smell like that of chocolates. It smells very nice and the smell lingers on until you decide to take it off your lips. The smell is comfortable. 

Colour of the product in natural light

Color- Sleek Pout Polish in Pride has a lovely Brick Red color with lots of small golden shimmers added to it. I do not like the shimmers as they settle in the fine lines of the lips. Though I do not like the shimmers, this is only a personal choice. This has a semi-opaque color. I cannot comment on whether it can hide lip pigmentation or not as I do not have any lip pigmentation. This color is suitable for office wear.  kiss
Staying Power- This tinted lip balm can stay 1-2 hours. It gets transferred very easily. 

Moisturizing power-This lip balm has super powers to moisturize the lips . I mean, it provides decent moisture to the lips and thus I like it very much. This lip balm contains Wheat germ oil, Sweet almond oil, Shea butter and avocado oil and thus it makes your lips feel very comfortable. 

SPF- This contains SPF 15 and thus provides protection to your lips from the harsh rays of the sun!grin
Going on to the pros and cons-

1.       Brick red color which is perfect for daily wear Kiss Facebook Emoticon
2.       Content of wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, Shea butter and avocado oil is a plus
3.       Fragrance is heavenly.
4.       Affordable
5.       Travel friendly packaging.
6.       Packaging is stylish!
7.       I did not find any paraben in the ingredient list.
8.       SPF 15 content is another pro.

1.       Does not repair/heal cracked lips and if applied on cracked lips, it feels very uncomfortable.
2.       You have to dip in your fingers to get out the product. Whaat Facebook Emoticon
3.       Is transferred very easily and does not stay on for more than 1 or maximum for 2 hours.
4.       This lip balm is slightly sticky in nature.
......Shimmers settle in fine lines. 


Final verdict- I am in love with this Lip balm and if you can resist your urge to eat it (LOL facebook chat emoticon tongue ) then this is a must buy! It has a very nice color and is perfect for daytime and daily wear too.

Will I repurchase- It will last me for quite a long time and also I don’t think it will be available after 2012, as it is a limited edition item but if I see it anywhere, then I will surely buy it.
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Rating- 3.75/5

Do let me know if you have ever tried this one and please support me facebook chat emoticon kiki


  1. I have not used this yet but it looks great. I loved the color. <3

    1. Yup! It is great! Do get your hands on any Sleek lip balms and you'll love them! :)
      Hope you enjoyed the pics ^_^