Are you a website looking to promote your products/website? Need IBC's help? Everything has been mentioned- Crystal clear in this post.

Here are the ways in which you can promote your website/products-

1) Sponsored Product Review: You can send me a few products from your site for review purposes. What I can do is comment on the fast delivery of the items, the packaging and the quality of the items that have been sent to me. I can comment on your customer service too. Finally, at the end of the post, I will mention your site's URL and throughout the article, I will link back to your site. This way, your products and site will get good notice from my blog. However, remember, no matter what, my opinion in the blog post will remain completely honest.

2) Website Review: I can review your website on my blog. I would take a few screenshots from your website and review the quality of your website. I would comment on the design and usability of your website and how it can help my readers. The review can be supplied by you and would be published as it is on the blog. You can ask me to review the website myself and the whole post would be written by me. Link-backs would be provided throughout the article. You have to pay a flat fixed rate to me for publishing the post.

3) Sponsored Giveaway: I can do a simple contest on my blog where people need to subscribe to your site's mailing list and then like your FB page and follow your site on twitter too! In return, 2 or more people chosen randomly by me will get products, chosen by you, delivered to their address for free. I will not be responsible for the damage during transit. You need to ship the products to the winners as soon as possible. I will mail you the contact details of the winners so that you can ship the items to them.

4) Advertisement Banners: I can put up a banner of a particular size on my blog. The banner will be in a picture form and when people will click on the banners, they will reach your website/ FB page/ twitter page (as you wish). You need to pay me monthly, a fixed rate, for putting up the banners on the blog's sidebar.

For further inquiries, please contact me at- TiwaryArpita@Gmail.Com  

*You will have to pay us in order to get your website/products promoted. It takes a lot of hard-work for bloggers to click pictures and put them arrange them in the form of a post. If you have some queries please email me at-

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