Biotique Bio Fruit Lightening Lip Balm Review

Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm Review-

I was getting bored and then the wild idea of buying a few products for myself crept up into my brain! And Tada! Here I am, with a lip balm review for you all! The lip balm is mainly for those who do not have dry lips. Wait, I would like to throw some more light on the product, so here we begin...

Product Description- If your skin color is on the darker side or you are one of those who like a good smoke, your lips can get quite dark. Suitable for use by anyone who desires naturally rosy lips, Biotique Bio Whitening Lip Balm Fruit is an Ayurvedic Lip Balm made using pure organic ingredients. The Biotique Bio Whitening Lip Balm has a luscious fruit flavor. Some of the nutritives in the Lip Balm are Badam, Mulethi, Erandi and Angur for healthy lips. Add a bit of color to your lips with this Whitening Lip Balm Fruit as it is red tinted. Hide those dark lips and reveal lips that are a shade lighter with Biotique Lip Balm Fruit.

Ingredients- Angur(Vitis Vinifera) 2.0%, Vach (Acorus Calamus) 1.5%, Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 2.0%, Badam(Prunus amygaldus) 1.5%, Surajmukhi (Helianthus annus) 2.5%, Kusumbhi (Carthamus tinctorius) 4.0%, Til (Sesamum indium) 4.5%, Erandi (Riinus communis) 12.0%, Marham Base Q.S.

Shelf Life- 3 years after manufacturing

Price of Biotique whitening lip balm in India- Rs. 99 for 0.6 oz./16g

Directions for use- Apply Biotique Bio Lip Balm on nude lips by itself or under lipstick.

My Take On Biotique Fruit Whitening Lip Balm-

This whitening or lightening lip balm comes in a tub packaging, placed in a beautiful carton. As soon as I unscrewed the cap of the lip balm, I noticed that a white lid was covering the mouth of the tub, maybe to protect it from dirt and all. The lip balm smells a bit herbal, mild and kind of sweet. The lip balm is brownish in color and gives a light reddish-brown tinge to the lips. The product claims that it is Not a cosmetic product and that it has therapeutic properties. The ingredients in this lip balm look good to me as I can not spot any parabens and other seriously harmful chemicals. The lip balm claims to contain 100% botanical extracts.

I have been using it for like 3 weeks now and yes, I do notice a slight difference. My lips look a bit lighter and feel slightly softer too! However, do not expect this budget-friendly lip balm to remove the permanent stains or blackness on the lips. So, if you are looking for lip balms that lighten the lips, then go search for something better, or maybe try the Maybelline Baby Lips in Mango Pie! :) This fruit lip balm also does not moisturize the lips that nicely and would prove to be ineffective for those with dry lips. Reapplication is needed every 30-45 minutes or so, which is a pain to do.

Actually, this lip balm is not up to the mark, according to me and the staying power is not at all good. Also ,the lip balm does not taste or smell heavenly- a quality I prefer to have in all my lip balms :P The tub packaging is so unhygienic as I have to dig into it using my fingers every time. This is not a lip balm for pigmented lips. Neither do I recommend this lip balm, nor would I repurchase it myself...


1) Fragrance is mild
2) Claims to contain 100% botanical extracts
3) Slightly lightened my lips
4) Adds a really beautiful light reddish-brown tinge to the lips
5) Has therapeutic properties (Claims to have so)
6) Really affordable
7) Great quantity
8) Plastic lid to prevent contamination


1) Unhygienic tub packaging
2) Does not moisturize that nicely
3) Did nothing exceptional
4) Does not taste or smell heavenly
5) Staying power is not at all good
6) Not for winters
7) Forget using it if you are looking for a whitening and lightening lip balm! Pigmented lips- stay away is all I can say :)
8) No SPF

Final verdict- At this price, you can at least get better lip balm out in the market. Try investing your money in something else or put the money in your piggy bank :D Neither do I recommend this lip balm not would I repurchase it. Actually, I want to try the Morning Nectar lip balm but after a bad experience with this one, I doubt if I would like to buy it..... :-/

Rating- 2.5/5


  1. Nice review, I dont think this lip balm is for me, as I need staying power and also moisturisation , winters are approching..
    dont forget to enter my MIgnon Mignon Sunglasses giveaway.

    1. Yeah! Winters are coming along and that is why I am trying out different lip balm to figure out which one suits my lips the best :D Would keep everyone updated once I find "THE" lip balm :))

  2. Nice review dear :) it will not purchase it, doesnt sound good. Thanks for saving my money :)

    1. Yay! I am so glad this review helped you :)) Thank you so much dearie :)

      And yes, this product is definitely worth a skip :D

  3. Replies
    1. Very true! This one is not just a bummer, it is a BIG bummer :P

  4. I will just skip it :) nice review <3

    1. Yup, totally skip it :D :D

      Thank you so much Gowthami ♥

  5. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to get to share it with us!
    By you, I know what to buy for subsequent purchases!

    Katherine Unique

  6. Great review arpi...
    so many cons better skip this one..

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