Yardley English Lavender Soap Review

Yardley London English Lavender Luxury Soap Review-

The Beautiful Carton :)

Recently I posted about the Benefits of Lavender Oil and Aroma Magic Lavender Oil Review. So, you have already guessed how much I love lavender :) The color attracts me to itself just as nectar attracts butterflies! I knew I need this soap when I saw it at a local store. And guess what, it is dirt-cheap- good for us :D
Product Description- It takes the world’s finest natural lavender oils & over 200 years’ expertise to create Yardley English Lavender. This triple milled luxury soap gives a rich, creamy lather & is delicately scented.

Costs only Rs. 45 :D
Shelf life- 3 years from pkd.

Price- Rs. 45 for a 100g bar


Paraben and SLS free :D

My Take on Yardley English Lavender Soap-

The Finest Lavender In The World...

It comes in an outer box, which has the soap beautifully packed in another paper cover. The packaging is attractive and looks feminine! As soon as I opened the packet, I could smell lavender. The fragrance is just great- royal, feminine, soft and something, which all women will like. The bar is lavender in color, being a lavender soap! I like how soothing the color of the bar is to the eyes… :)

Even the wrapper is so beautiful :)

The soap glides on easily onto the body, lathering nicely and cleansing the body. The fragrance is really soothing and you will truly enjoy your shower while using this soap. It does dry out the skin but not too much. You need a good moisturizer after using this. It leaves no slippery feeling behind and my body skin feels fresh and looks glowing. One con is that the fragrance does not linger on even for a second after washing it off. I wish the fragrance lingered on for some time…But even then, this soap is a great one and I will definitely repurchase it for sure. Looks like Yardley will appoint me as their brand ambassador for praising their brand so much :P :P

The soap peeking out of the wrapper :D

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons..
1) Feminine and Royal packaging
2) Very affordable
3) The fragrance is mild, feminine and natural!
4) Color of the bar is very soothing to the eyes
5) Cleans the body nicely removing dirt effectively
6) Does not dry out the skin too much
7) Lathers perfectly
8) Did not cause any irritation on my skin
9) I can't see parabens or SLS in the ingredients list :D
10) Leaves no slippery feeling behind and skin feels fresh

This is how thick the bar is... :)
1) You can't skip your body moisturizer after using this, especially if you have dry skin
2) Fragrance does not linger on even for a second after washing it off...

Isn't the soap beautiful? The color is just gorgeous and the soap works well too! I like the fragrance of this soap a lot :D

Final Verdict: Needless to say, this is a great soap for everyday use. The fragrance is just superb and I highly recommend this soap to you all :) You all will fall in love with it instantly without hurting your pockets much! Must buy product from Yardley London guys! Go, grab it and enjoy :D

Rating- 4.5/5 (-0.5 as the fragrance does not linger on...)

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  1. The word "Lavender" drew me to this post .. Isnt it a lovely fragrance .. well explained post :)

    1. The fragrance is just awesome! This is a must buy, Shweta! I knew that you would be driven into this post as soon as you read "Lavender" :D Thank you so much Shweta ^_^ Your comment means a lot to me :)

  2. i love the fragrance of lavender.i should get this :)

  3. Nice review Arpita :) awww... I would want the fragrance to linger especially when it is lavender.

    1. Same here....I wish the fragrance lingered on for a loooong time! The fragrance is just uhmazing! ^_^

  4. Nice review dear .. I love the color of the soap but lately I have turned more of a home-made soap fan :)

    1. Me too and I am loving shower gels too but this soap is simply great and has no parabens and all :D Thanks a lot Vipra :))) ♥

  5. i love lavender fragrance very much.. Nice review..

    1. Thanks Raji :D I am a fan of Lavender fragrances too :D

  6. Nice Review Arpi...I must try this because it has lavender in it :p

    1. Hehe :P You should definitely try it out Radha :) It is an amazing product ^_^

  7. Nice review. I have not tried there soap will give it a try.

    1. Worth a try :) Thanks a lot for commenting dear :D