Top 5 Hottest Haircuts For Oval Faces

Best Haircuts for Oval faces-

An oval face has 1/3 less width than the length of the face. Choosing the best hair style for oval faces may be tricky but with this post, it can be made a whole lot easier! Presenting to you the best hair cuts for oval faces! Believe me, these hairstyles are going to rock on you...

1) Thick, tangled hairstyle with sexy side-bangs-

This hair styles will suit most of the women with oval faces and would look too hot to be ignored! Go, try this hairstyle out and see the eyes of that perfect man following you and looking at you, always! This is one of the best mid length hair styles.

2) Eye Catching Pixie Hair Cut-

Looking for hairstyles for an oval face? Want short hair styles, oval face? Then, this hair cut would look really gorgeous and helps one to look hot and at the same time have short hair. You don't always need to have long hair to look beautiful! This hot pixie cut is one of the best women's short hair styles!

3) Short and Wavy-

This is one of the hairstyles for women who have short hair or shoulder length hair! Being one of the short hairstyles for oval faces, this look not only adds a bit volume to the hair, looks good but also softens up your look. If you have wavy hair and want your face to look a bit round, then definitely try this hairstyle!

4) The Retro Look-

This is one of the most elegant looks for those with long hair. Being one of the hairstyles for long hair, this look adds instant glamor and looks very feminine. This is a classic look and gives you a retro feel! A must try for women who want to look gorgeous without a whole lot of effort!

5) Layered Curls-

This hairstyle would look beautiful on most of the women with slightly curly hair and would add instant volume without weighing you down. This hairstyle looks light and frames your oval face perfectly! So, if you want to look super hot and feminine, then this is the hairstyle for you! Would look good even if you have short, long or shoulder length hair!

So, these were the fine hair styles for women. I hope these women's hair styles got you excited enough to experiment a bit and try out different hairstyles. It is always cool to try new hair styles. Even if you have black hair, brownish or reddish hair these hairstyles would suit all with oval faces and help them look gorgeous for that perfect day....

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