Colgate Visible White Tooth Paste Review

New Colgate Visible White Whitening Tooth Paste (Sparkling Mint) Review:-

Sonam Kapoor’s teeth looked white enough, in the advertisement of this Colgate Visible White Tooth Paste and made pick this whitening toothpaste up! :P Well, this did not burn a hole in my pocket and as I love experimenting with new toothpastes, I got this for myself! Read on to know if the New Colgate Visible White Whitening Tooth Paste (Sparkling Mint) did anything for my teeth…


  1. Application area: Teeth
  2. Color: The toothpaste is white in color with some minty blue whitening particles, spread all throughout.
  3. Packaging: It comes in an outer cartoon, which holds this gorgeous read tube inside it. The packaging is quite chic!
  4. Fragrance and taste: It is minty in taste (maybe slightly too much) and has a fresh minty fragrance. However, it does not keep the mouth fresh for a long time.
  5. Ingredients: Please refer to the picture (*Lazy me*)
  6. Price: Rs. 79 for 100g
  7. Shelf Life: 2 Years from date of manufacture
  8. Cleaning ability: It actually cleans the teeth nicely leaving the teeth squeaky clean and the mouth fresh! The minty taste might be a problem for some of you.
  9. Whitening ability: Now, this is the most interesting part. Does this whiten the teeth? Well, to an extent Yes. It works. I have seen a difference in my teeth in a week. My teeth looked brighter and whiter but not brighter by one whole shade. You need to use it 3 times daily (as mentioned on the pack) to get the full results. I did all this but it did not make my teeth 1 shade brighter. However, yes, it does whiten the teeth to an extent. In addition, many types of toothpaste just work for a week and then the teeth starts to lose its whiteness. Nevertheless, with this one, teeth stay just as white as it was when you started using it. Use your mouthwash after using it and it will increase its capacity to keep your teeth bright. Overall, I am quite satisfied with its whitening ability.

Summing up the Pros and Cons-


  1. Whitens the teeth to an extent
  2. Fragrance and minty taste (may be a problem for some)
  3. Classy Red Tube Packaging
  4. Price
  5. Cleans the teeth really nicely
  6. Does not allow the teeth to become dull with time


  1. Minty taste may be a problem for some
  2. Well, it does not brighten the teeth by 1 complete shade
  3. Does not freshen up the mouth
  4. You need to brush 3 times daily with it to see the results

Overall Verdict: I quite liked this toothpaste. It did make my teeth bright. It sort of works but honestly speaking, I will not repurchase this one because I want to try out other toothpastes too! You should buy it just to try it. This product will not disappoint you, I hope :)

Rating- 4/5

Have you Tried Colgate Visible White Tooth Paste? Did you Like it? Do drop a comment below! :)

**The toothpaste has been bought by me with my own hard-earned money. I have neither received any payment nor have I received the product for reviewing purposes. The review, the pictures and the product- all are completely mine!

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  1. My aunt got "Colgate optic white" from Canada when she came over 2 months back. The toothpaste was amazing!! One use and I could see the difference! However, it does mention on that toothpaste that it's not advisable to use it for more that 3 weeks. (Colgate visible white-India is for daily usage)

    Only hope that this new toothpaste is the same or as good as the one sold abroad..

    1. Oh! I really hope that the Optic White gets launched in India :))) This VIsible white one takes a few days to show its effect. :)

    2. Hi, please check my blog
      Thanks. :)

  2. Even i have tried it , it does help in whiteing to some extent

  3. I am using Listerine mouthwash for oral care and dental care .

    1. It is a good mouth wash ^_^ But I do not like the burning sensation is gives to my mouth....I like Colgate Plax more than Listerine :)

  4. i have been using Colgate visible white for 3 days 3 times in a day. my mouth thrushing due to using Colgate visible white. Please Suggest Should i use it or not or it has side effect like this.

    1. OMG! Looks like your gums are not liking this toothpaste. See, first try to use it twice daily for 1-2 minutes. If the problem still persists then try some other toothpaste :)

  5. If your teeth and dental hygiene are not healthy and in good condition it is not recommended to use any of the best whitening toothpaste products.
    Always check with your dentist if you are unsure. While whitening toothpastes are great to brighten up your smile,
    to keep it that way you must maintain consistent and proper brushing habits.
    This in fact is as important if not more important than the toothpaste itself.

  6. Is optic white and visible white the same? Coz I have used the earlier, and its just brilliant. Is it launched in india? The packaging of both looks quite similar.

  7. I'm happy with 'close-up' . Nice review though.

  8. I like it as it helped a lot to attain some whitening !

  9. I tried it n loved it too..great review arpi..
    Check out my recent ppst :

  10. My dentist told me that i have flourosis problem which makes my teeth look yellow and stained . I really need a toothpaste which will help me to get cleaner teeth . will this paste work for me too ???

    1. Well, I think you should first ask your dentist if the ingredients in this toothpaste are okay for your teeth and gums. If he says yes, then give it a shot! It does make the teeth whiter :)

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