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I have bought stuff from Purplle for 4 times now and every time their service is the same- AMAZING! *haan ji* I am going to review purple for you all and then will let you take a look at my haul! You must try once and I am sure you’ll love them just as I do!

WARNING: Fast Loading Pictures and Lots of Interesting stuff ahead. Picture heavy Post :P
Sorry for making the post long but I wanted to show you friends everything I bought coz I love you *puchhi*

 My Experience with

I have ordered 3 times before and every time it reached between 3-4 days but this time as a shower gel was not available ( *smack*), it reached a bit late and that too my order was first partially shipped and then the rest of the items arrived which took around- 15+ days or something *cry*... They had asked me that I could exchange the shower gel for anything else and I said that I want fast shipping as I am writing a review and I have mentioned 3-4 days delivery in it. I just wanted to check HOW MEAN THEY CAN BE ( *chudail* ). But Oh! they are the nicest. They replied to my mail withing a few hours asking me to state my exact experience in the review! It means that they wanted to say that if I have received the order even after 15+ days, I must state it in the review and I should not write false things *specs*! This is how the Customer Service of EVERY website should be- Honest, Supporting and Kind *clap*.Claps for Purplle Team *clap* . People at Purplle are NOT money minded! This is what makes me LOVE purplle even more *jalwa*. You can check their reply in the image below-

Pros of
1)  Fast shipping. My order reaches every time between 3-20 days! [I think that as the order value increases, the shipment time increases] *secret*
2) My products are beautifully bubble wrapped and are packed tightly which ensures Zero damage. [Liquid products may leak a bit]
3)The site is user friendly *happy dance*
4) You can collect points and get discounts by reviewing products, which is a really nice thing!
5) COD option available
6)Lots of products are available
7)The Customer Service team is really nice and friendly *jai ho*
8)  They work really hard to maintain the site and support the customers too
9) Free shipping on orders on and above 700

Cons of

1)      I just wish they stock up more new products faster
2)      They charge Rs. 25 extra for COD *hunterwali*
3)      Free shipping on orders on and above 700[ Yup! It is both a  pro and a con]
4)   They should ship bigger orders a bit faster! *haan ji*
5)   They should stock up the items which they have mentioned as AVAILABLE to minimize shipping time.

Final verdict-

 MUST SHOP from ! Believe me, you’ll love them and if you have any questions you can contact them and they will be glad to help you out. A very friendly site to shop from! I recommend, highly! *pompom*


Now take a look at my haul and DROOL :P Enjoy the Pics and take care! Bye *powder*

1st parcel- [They had partially shipped my order]

The BIG Box- It was quite Heavy! :D
I was super Happy to see the box finally :)
I got a Total repair 5 shampoo (Conditioner came free *happy dance*) , Soulflower soaps ( 3) , Soulflower Ocean blue bath salt, Vega Comb, a VLCC Cherry Lip balm, Nivea Aqua effect Face wash and Auravedic Body Butter- Mango and peach *haan ji*3

I looooooooved the Hand Made Comb *whistle*

Man! This smells SUPERB but a bit artificial *headbang*

The face wash- Made my daughter's skin soft but broke me out *pan*

The Soaps and other products wrapped in  Bubble Wraps *oye balle*

The Heavenly smelling Soulflower bite me chocolate, Sweet Rose and Charcoal you smell good soaps *happydance*

 ORDER COMPLETED Finally:::::*announce*
The 2nd box........*haan ji*

Bubble Wraps- I LOVE TO POP THE Bubbles  *pompom*

The Lacto Calamine Sunscreen for oily skin made my face MORE OILY, Sweaty and sticky :( Won't recommend to anyone with oily skin. *smug**ghost*

 **I have not been PAID to write this review for in any way at all :) Every opinion is my own *hifive*
Take care Everyone!


  1. lovely review n great haul :D ive shopped once from purplle so maybe its not enugh to form an opinion yet!

    1. Do shop again from purplle and let me know as soon as you post the review :D Thank you so so much Poorva for commenting! I feel nice when people comment on my blog :D :D :D

  2. thanks hun i was in need of this review as i was about to place my order <3

    1. Yay! I am glad my review helped :D :D :D

  3. hi!!are all the products orignal?

  4. Hi!!! nice collection you can get beauty and health care related products at