Soulflower Charcoal You Smell Good Soap Review

Charcoal You Smell Good Review

One question-Do you like to use luxury soaps? Well, for me, I love using handmade soaps which are all natural! I like soaps from Soulflower the most :D The fragrance of each soap is different and fresh :D Well, so today, I will be reviewing another soap from soulflower called Charcoal you smell good! I have already reviewed Rose Soap and Bite Me chocolate soap on the blog :)

Price: Rs. 250 for 150g

Claims: Lather up with this bar of soap & let active bamboo charcoal go deep to draw out body smells, remove blockages that breed bumps, breakouts & acne. Deodorize & dissolve dull, dry skin & surface impurities. If you suffer from dry skin, use charcoal soap to replace harsher cleansers. For adults with mild acne, a charcoal cleanser can help prevent outbreaks. The blend of antibacterial & deodorant essential oils prevent body odor from its very root-toxins & bacteria! Use in the morning to control body odor throughout the day, in armpits, under thighs & all over your body .Suitable for all skin types, specially in pigmented & sweat prone areas.

Packaging: The soap comes in a plastic wrapper with all information printed and pasted on it!

Lather: Lathers perfectly and does not melt down like crazy.  It will last you for like 20-25 days if used properly :) I cut down the soap to make it last longer.

Fragrance: This soap smells spicy and charcoalish! You may not like the smell at first, like me but soon, you will get used to it! Sometimes, it feels refreshingly good! :)

Cleansing ability: It cleanses the skin nicely, removes oil and dirt, makes the skin soft and does not dry out the skin! But yes, you can not skip your body moisturizer after using this! The scrubbing particles on the soap are too mild.

Removes body odor and acne?  Nops! The fragrance does not linger on even for a second onto the skin after using this soap. Controlling Acne! Pffftt! It does not do that either. So, all in all, this product is not for you if you want to get rid of body odor or acne.

Summing up the Pros and Cons-

1) Good Looks :P
2) Does not Melt Like Crazy
3) Refreshing Fragrance
4) 100% Vegan and Organic
5) Lathers nicely
6) Cleans the skin really nicely but without drying it out
7) Keeps the skin soft
8) Perfect for those with sensitive skin but the scrubbing particles maybe a problem for some

1) Pricey
2) Does not do anything for body odor or acne
3) Scrubbing particles could have been more efficient
4) Not a winter soap at all
5) The white part melts faster than the black part

Final verdict- It is just a luxury soap and worth a try! However, I am not going to repurchase this one. I love handmade soaps and would like to try something else from Soulflower or maybe a soap from Nyassa :D

Rating: 3.5/5( -0.5 for the not so cool scrubbing particles and -1 for not doing anything for acne or body odor)

Do You Like Handmade Soaps? :)

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  1. I also love handmade soaps too but this doesnt seems to justify it price.. ill better skip it.!! :)

  2. normally i lyk soulflower soaps..thanks for d review will stay away frm dis :)

    1. Welcome :) This is just an average soap :/

  3. I love handmade soaps very much Nice Review Arpi :)

    1. Thank you :))) I like handmade soaps too! I want to try something from lush now :D