Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 16 Berry Crush Review-

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush Review-

I have already reviewed Mango Pie from Maybelline baby Lips range on the blog :) Mango pie did not have any color added to it. But this time, I am going to throw disco lights on Berry Crush, which is a colored variant!

Price- Rs. 150 for 4.5g



Packaging: It comes in a cute outer packaging and the retractable packaging is not only cute and cute ( :P ) but also sturdy! The cap won’t open in your bag and make all your things berry colored :P

Fragrance: It has a medicinal but tangy berry like fragrance, which I completely love. But the fragrance could have been better. The fragrance does Not linger on and on and on…

Color: It contains shimmers, which do not disturb me much. It has a pretty berry color added to it. The color will look very pretty on you :)

Moisturizing ability: This is my favorite part. It provides good moisture to the lips. The moisture lasts on for about 2 hours and the effect lasts on for like 3 hours or so. I do not mind reapplying it at all!

Does it do anything for the lips apart from moisturizing? Yes! It provides sheer color to the lips which stays on for about 1 hours, makes the lips soft, supple and pink with regular use too! It keeps dryness at bay and contains SPF 16 which will protect four lips from sun damage too. 

Let us move on to the pros and cons section, which I know you all read the most :P


  1. Packaging! Super cute ♥
  2. Affordable
  3. Medicinal but tangy berry like fragrance, which does not linger on
  4. Shimmer particles do not bother me much :D
  5. Moisturizes nicely
  6. Makes lips pink with regular use
  7. Color is very sheer but I like it :)
  8. Moisture lasts for about 2 hours but effect lasts on for like 3 hours
  9. Makes the lips soft with regular use
  10. Very light weight but does its job nicely
  11. SPF 16



  1. Color does not stay on for long
  2. 6 hours moisture claim is false
  3. Fragrance could have been better
  4. Feels slightly waxy during summers

Overall verdict- Go, get this one girls! This one is a cool tinted lip balm, which not only contains SPF 16 for sun protection but also makes the lips soft and pink! :)

Final Question- Is it better than the Mango Pie variant?

Ans:- No dear! I will still prefer mango pie over this one :D

Rating- 4.25/5

Did Maybelline Baby Lips Work for you? :)

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  1. Nice Review .. I have finished 5 of them .. currently started with 6th one ;)

  2. I've never tried these before as i didn't know if it was worth it but thankyou for the review :)