NIVEA Care & Colour RED and ROSE Lip Balm Review

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Nivea has launched their new range of lip balms and this time I have both the colors from their care and colour range. Nivea Care and Colour Lip Balms Red and Rose is what I am going to review for you all today. The packaging looks promising and thus, I decided to give them a try. Read on to know how these fared for my lips during winters...

Product Description : Do you want intensive moisturisation & a touch of color on your lips? NIVEA Care & Color Red and Rose intensely cares for your lips and provides a subtle red and rose color. The rosé color core formula provides a touch of color and a healthy look. Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, they nourish and repair dry lips, while providing long-lasting moisture. Also available in Care & Colour Red. It has an innovative dual core technology with two layers that make your lips a sensation: The formula with an inner Care Core with Panthenol and an outer Colour Core intensively cares and leaves a wonderful subtle red colour on your lips. The red color core formula provides a touch of color and a healthy look.

Ingredients :

Shelf Life : 30 months from Mfd. date

Price in India : Rs. 200 for 4.8g

My Take On NIVEA Care & Colour RED and ROSE Lip Balms-

They come in a stick form and are a new launch by Nivea. I have tried a lot of nivea lip balms before and was expecting a lot from these. Both of them come in a pearly stick with retractable packaging. They have a moisturizing core with coloured lip balm surrounding the white core. I like the packaging as they look attractive and are travel-friendly. Both of them have a mild, pleasant fruity fragrance. I just wish they had SPF in them for better sun protection for my lips.

The rose color is my least favorite out of the two, mainly because of the color. You need multiple swipes to achieve proper color, the color wont show if you swipe it just for 2-3 times. The color is too light, pearly whitish pink and does not look great on the lips. I mainly use it underneath my lipsticks to prevent my lips from drying out and to tone down bold colors of lipsticks. But, it does moisturize my lips really well and keeps them hydrated for 3 hours and then reapplication is needed. This does not survive meals.

The red color is a gorgeous color from nivea colour and care range. It is a slightly glossy, red color which comes in the moisturizing core from. This also keeps my lips moisturized nicely for 3 hours but the color is one that I really like. It is easily available everywhere and glides easily on the lips.

PROS OF NIVEA Care & Colour RED and ROSE Lip Balms-

1) Both have a really nice, travel friendly packaging
2) Both glide smoothly on the lips
3) Both keep my lips moisturized for 3 hours
4) Easily available
5) Mild fruity fragrance
6) Helps relieve dryness effectively
7) RED is a really lovely color
8) Retractable stick
9) Can be used under or over lipsticks

CONS OF NIVEA Care & Colour RED and ROSE Lip Balms-

1) No SPF
2) Color settles in fine lines
3) ROSE is a whitish pink shade, which I don't like much
4) Multiple swipes needed for color to show properly
5) Pricey

Final verdict : I would ask you to go for the color Red as that's the better one out of the two. Rose and Red both work effectively in providing proper hydration to the lips and in relieving dryness. But Rose is a frosty pink shade that I don't like much. If you like such colors, you might want to try it out. I use them under lipsticks to keep my lips moisturized well.

Rating for color RED : 4.25/5
Rating for color ROSE : 3/5


  1. So cool, I love this kind of productos for the lips

    xx L.

  2. Last time when I used these I loved these. Currently I will pretend I did not take a look at it's toxic chemical filled ingredient list. :) Great review!