Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap Review

Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap Review

I received this soap to try from Kronokare and although I am more of a shower gel person, I would not mind trying different varieties of soaps. Designer soaps are the new trend now. So, I have already finished using this whole huge bar of Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap and here's what I think about it...

Product Description : You’ll sea: Our citrus bar is as smooth as the Mediterranean. Get rid of the yucky, feel lovely and lucky! Citrus works on cleansing from within, and on every inch, from toe to chin. The essential oils will hydrate and care, and with a scent so fresh, you'll think twice before you share.

Shelf Life : 1 year and 11 months from Mfg. date

Price in India : Rs. 195 for 150g

Directions for Use : Massage onto wet skin, raise that chin, for today is going to be Win-Win-Win.

Ingredients : Citrus Bergamia, Citrus Sinensis, Citrus Paradiisi, Honey, Sunflower Oil, Sodium Leuryl Ether Sulphate, Coconut Oil, Coconut Fatty Acid, Hi Steric Acid, Glycerine, Caustic soda, Sorbitol, Butylated Hydroxyl Toulene Ethylene Di Amin Tetra Acid, Perfume, Colour, Distilled water

My Take On Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap :

It's the Kronokare glycerin soap that comes in a lime green colored outer box, which mentions everything you need to know about the body soap. It contains SLES, which is less harmful and less comedogenic than SLS as a lathering agent. The soap is wrapped in an outer plastic wrap to protect it from sticking to the insides of the cardboard box.

I am a lot into soaps these days and I love trying different kinds of soaps, with different fragrances. It has a citrus fragrance, which is a bit soapy. I like the fragrance as it is not overpowering and it is mild enough for sensitive noses. The soap is translucent and it's a see-through glycerine soap.

It lathers really well and I only need to swipe it a couple of times on my skin for that perfect lather. You can even rub some of the soap onto a loofah for even more lather and mild scrubbing effect. It lathers well and cleanses the skin perfectly, removes all dirt, grime and odour from the skin. However, the fragrance does not linger onto the skin at all, which I think is a minus point about this beautiful lime green soap.

It does not over dry the skin, which is a good thing. But, don't think that you can skip your moisturizer after using this. You definitely need to moisturize your body using a good body moisturiser. It melts faster than normal soaps, as it is contains honey and glycerine as the primary ingredients. Also, towards the end, it breaks away into small pieces, which I do not like, but can deal with it.

My skin feels fresh and squeaky clean after using this soap on my body and definitely it is a good soap. It's not that expensive as you really get a huge bar of soap that would last you a long time. I like this soap and if you want to try a good soap, then this won't disappoint you. I just wish the fragrance lasted a bit longer on my skin.

PROS of Kronokare Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap :

1) Beautiful color
2) Mild citrus, soapy fragrance
3) Nice packaging
4) Lathers really well
5) Contains honey and glycerine along with natural extracts of orange, bergamot and grapefruit
6) Cleanses the body skin really well, removing all dirt and odour from skin
7) Does not over dry the skin (use moisturizer afterwards, though)
8) A really big soap, great quantity
9) SLS and paraben free
10) Did not cause any irritation or redness on my skin
11) More than perfect for summers

CONS of  Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Fabulously Fresh Glycerine Soap :

1) Fragrance does not linger onto the skin
2) Breaks into pieces towards the end
3) Melts a bit fast
4) Availability
5) Not much hydrating for winters

Final Verdict : If you want to try out a good soap from a new brand, then Kronokare would definitely be a nice choice. They have many soaps in their collection and you can choose one for yourself without regretting. The soaps are really big and you can cut them and store them as well. I liked this fabulously fresh soap from Kronokare and would love to try the other varieties as well. At least they are paraben and SLS free, so good for the skin! Plus, it contains honey, glycerine and coconut oil to make us happy!

Rating : 3.75/5

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