Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash Review

Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash Review-

This nice looking tube of the Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash. I received a small sample of this in my fab bag months ago and I liked the face wash so much that I bought 2 more full-sized tubes (one is left to be used) and this is my third one provided by Ayorma for review. I have been using these for months now and I am hooked! This is like freshness in a tube. Read on to know why...

Product Description : Get a tan free, fair & glowing skin with this unique combination, powered by skin whitening globules and natural extracts. Crafted from:Licorice & Curcuma Extracts-They enhance fairness by removing sun tan and reducing melanin production.Orange Peel Oil-It provides deepexfoliation and skin rejuvenation.Lavender Oil & Honey-They soothe andmoisturize your skin.Geranium Oil-It tones the skin (tightening of facial muscles)

Ingredients :

Price in India : Rs. 199 for 50ml and Rs. 349 for 100ml

Shelf Life : 24 months from Mfg. date

My Take On Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash :

This comes in a lovely tube packaging with mirror-finish plastic cap and the tube is pretty simple and mentions all you need to know about the face wash. It contains SLES and geranium oil, which are mildly comedogenic. Unlike Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, SLES is not highly comedogenic. So, it's good that it does not contain SLS and rather has SLES.

I have full-sized products of this face wash that smell minty and fresh, but I guess they have changed the formula now and it has a very lemony fragrance (think : 'nimbu ka aachar'). I like the fragrance but minty one was better. It contains milli-globules with licorice extract, that are bursting beads for fragrance. I love face washes with these globules, makes everything cuter!

Coming to the lathering part, this lathers well and cleanses the skin perfectly, leaving no residue behind. Removes dirt and grime from the face easily. Removes light makeup as well. It never caused any sort of irritation on my skin, never broke me out and I use it whenever I feel that my skin needs refreshment. For acne control, I use other face washes. I need less than a coin sized amount for that perfect lather and cleansing.

One thing is that the mirror finish on the cap comes off after sometime, but who cares as long as I get a spa like feeling. Why I am saying "spa-like" is because the moment I apply it, my face feels chilled and cooled. It feels like you have applied a drop of mint oil to your face and it feels so good! That's why I have already repurchased it. It releases tension from my skin and it feels super-amazing. The cool feeling lingers for 10 minutes on the skin. That's great! It brightens the skin and removes very mild tan, but for stubborn tans, you need something better.

Summing up the Pros and Cons...

PROS of Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash-

1) Nice packaging
2) Does not over dry skin, although you should use moisturizer for your skin type after using this
3) Lathers well
4) Contains very mildly comedogenic SLES for lather rather than SLS, which is highly comedogenic
5) Fragrance is lovely, although it's personal choice
6) Removes very light makeup too
7) Contains bursting beads with licorice extracts
8) Contains a lot of good oils
9) Does not leave any residue behind
10) Makes the skin bright, cleanses really well
11) Removes mild tan over a period of time
12) Cools the skin, feels minty and effect stays for 10 minutes after washing this off
13) Decently priced as I need a really less amount per wash
14) Never broke me out, caused no irritation
15) This gives a kind of spa-like feeling as my skin feels cool and refreshed
16) Paraben free

CONS of Ayorma Fairness and Anti-Tan Face Wash-

1) I'm not up for the fairness claim
2) Won't help with stubborn tan
3) Does not control acne for my very acne prone skin
4) Stings on its accidental contact with eyes
5) SLES content, wish this was SLES free too!
6) Availability (Available easily online)
7) More sturdy packaging needed

Final verdict : I would repurchase this face wash and I use this only for refreshing my skin once in a while! You can make it your staple face wash. Do not forget to moisturize after using this and also, I think you should go for it! It suits my skin and thus I had already bought 2 big 100 ml tubes of this before the small one came in my mail. I love the cooling it provides to my skin. For acne control, use separate cleanser with salicylic acid.

Rating : 4.25/5


  1. Such a detailed review! It's a good one for normal/combination skin!


  2. I love when a face wash gives a minty feeling on one's face. thanks for introducing to such a product.

  3. Sounds great..I'll surely try this one out. That was a very detailed review, Thanks for sharing!
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