Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil Review, Price, Photos, Swatch

Auravedic Kumkumadi Tailam Review, Spotless, Radiant & Brighter Skin-

I received this Kumkumadi Tailam from Auravedic and have been using it for a number of weeks now. Let's see if this could impress me or not...

auravedic kumkumadi oil review india

Product Description : Kumkumadi is a unique blend of rare oils and herbs with pure saffron formulated to help skin look young ,healthy and spotless. This very rich oil nourishes & adds radiance to the skin, reduces Dark spots, Pigmentation and Blemishes.

Price in India : Rs. 250 for 100ml

Ingredients :

auravedic kumkumadi oil ingredients

How to use : Gently massage every morning & night on clean skin using upward circular movements.

Shelf Life : 1 year and 11 months from Mfg. date

My Experience with Auravedic Kumkumadi Oil-

I have heard of Kama Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid costing Rs. 1890 for about 12ml and here, I was getting a 100ml bottle of this from Auravedic for just Rs. 250. So, I was really baffled by this fact and was in doubt about the efficiency of this kumkumadi oil. The auravedic skin serum comes in a bottle with a cap. The wide mouthed bottle leads to product wastage and excess amount of product is dispensed almost every time. I would have preferred a dropper packaging. This has the classic Auravedic product fragrance. All of the products from Auravedic that contain kesar smell exactly like fresh saffron. The bottle is not travel friendly as product sometimes leaks.

auravedic kumkumadi tailam price in india

This oil is yellowish in colour and contains a lot of good oils and is free from parabens and sulphates. So, that is a good thing about this as is its long shelf life. The oil is very thick and honestly, my oily skin did not like it much. It makes my skin excessively oily. I have been using it mostly at night and I wake up with a sticky, oily skin. But, I am sure this would work for dry skinned beauties. My skin fails to absorb this completely no matter how little of the product I use.

auravedic kumkumadi oil bottle

It did not break me out or cause any irritation, but made my skin very oily. After washing my skin properly with a good cleanser multiple times, I find that my skin glows and feels soft and bright. This thankfully did not clog my pores and did not cause acne or other turbulence. I think they should come up with some oil for oily skin. This did not bring about any miracles but my skin actually feels soft and glowing. It contains a lot of goodness and dry skinned girls might find this appropriately rich for their skin type but not oily skin.

auravedic kumkumadi review


1) Inexpensive for a kumkumadi oil
2) Great quantity provided
3) Makes my skin soft and glowing
4) Free from parabens and sulphates
5) Did not irritate my skin and did not break me out
6) Amazing shelf life
7) Contains a lot of good ingredients
8) Easily available online

auravedic kumkumadi oil product description


1) Did not reduce spots or pigmentation
2) Bottle not travel friendly
3) Makes my skin very oily
4) Too rich for my skin and does not absorb at all
5) Some might not like the heavy saffron fragrance
6) Wide-mouthed bottle leads to a lot of product wastage

auravedic kumkumadi oil indian beauty center

Final Verdict : Overall, should this have been lighter and less richer, it would have suited my very oily, acne prone sensitive skin. This is for dry skin only. For my oily skin, this did add a glow and make my skin soft and I did not feel the need to moisturise in the morning. Still, this is too rich for my skin type. Would not repurchase this. This is not a bad product, just that it is not for my skin type. Dry skinned beauties can give this a try.

auravedic kumkumadi oil swatchRating : 2.5/5


  1. Good Review !
    Does it help in reducing pigmentation or conrols acne ?

    1. Did not do that for my oily skin. Just adds a slight glow and brightness.

  2. Great review Arpita! This will suit my dry skin for sure!

  3. I haven't tried this one at all and I do have oily skin too :( Too bad that I have to give this a skip.

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  4. oops...seems this does not suit my oily skin

  5. I have combined skin dry n sensitive both.... So should i use it or not??? N my skin going to darker day by day the n dark circles problem also increases