My Shopping Experience and Haul From PlumGoodness Review

About Plum : Juicy, Bursting with natural goodness. Fresh, Bright, Much Loved. True, child-like, perhaps even naughty. Take me as I am… No airs, No pretensions. That's me. I am plum. Paraben Free, natural skin care.

My Shopping Experience with Plum :

I recently discovered Plum, when I saw their Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal and then discovered that they use only the safest ingredients in their products and their products are a combination of natural and good synthetic ingredients. I was really interested in trying out their face wash and thus placed an order.

Placing an order with PlumGoodness was very easy. You just add your products to the cart and checkout as you normally do. there is an option for entering discount codes, if you have them! I placed my order and my order arrived within 4 days. That's really fast. Plum is online-only beauty brand in India but placing an order is so easy, safe and they have an option for Cash-On-Delivery (COD) too! No worries there. Plus, they offer free shipping on their products. They gave me a free gift too- PlumGoodness dual pencil sharpener (Rs. 125) with which I can sharpen my eye pencils.

I bought their Hello Aloe Skin Loving Face Wash, which is a facial cleanser for sensitive skin and I also bought another face-wash, Pore Cleansing Green Tea Face Wash made specially for those with oily skin. On the website they have an option for choosing products based on your skin type. The categories includes : Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Dry skin and Normal/Combination Skin. They have face packs, toners, moisturizers, face scrubs, kajals and more! I think that they should start making shampoos too!

When I looked at the ingredients, and checked on the ingredients list checker, I found that they do not have any harmful ingredients that would harm the skin or cause acne. I have used numerous face washes but their ingredients list looks the best to me! So, it is very unlikely to cause or aggravate my acne. As I have sensitive and oily, acne prone skin, I have high expectations from Plum. So check out PlumGoodness and choose a plum for your skin.

Website and Service Rating : 5/5

Plum products look very promising and you can shop PlumGoodness online HERE.


  1. The products look lovely! I love that its a natural brand

    1. yes, Plum Goodness products are very safe on sensitive skin too! i am trying out their Pore cleansing green tea face wash and loving it :D

  2. Oh my! The sharpner looks super cute :)

    1. I love the sharpener too :D PlumGoodness has some awesome beauty products worth checking out :)