Elle18 Juicy Lip balm in Juicy Berry Review

Elle 18 Juicy Lip balm in Juicy Berry Review

I had bought this long time ago but did not get a chance to try it. Recently, I found this lying in my makeup bag and I though of giving this beauty a chance! I have been using it for 2 weeks now and here is my review on Elle 18 Juicy Lip balm in Juicy Berry, a juicy lip balm from elle18 colour pops range...

Product Description- Elle 18 colour pops lips balm protects, nourishes and also moisturizes. Fortified with SPF 15 and enriched with Vitamin E, olive oil and jojoba oil, this lip balm is just the kind of love your lips need every day. Kiss away in 6 exciting shades now.  A lip balm is the quintessential beauty must have for the young woman of today.  The Elle 18 Juicy Balm is a non-sticky balm with Vitamin E, Olive, oil and Jojoba oil to ensure nourishing, soft and smooth lips.  The juicy lip balm is the perfect combination of colour and care to ensure you have lip smacking pouts always. Nourishing, Smooth and Soft, Hint of color, SPF 15. Pucker up with a hint of tint.

Shades Available- Juicy Red, Juicy Pink, Juicy Mauve, Juicy Berry, Juicy Peach, Juicy Beige

Price in India- Rs. 110 for 9 ml

Shelf Life- 24 months from pkd.

Formula contains- Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin e, SPF 15

My Take On Elle 18 Juicy Lip Balm in Juicy Berry-

This cutie comes in a tube stylish enough for the price paid. It has a mild chocolaty fragrance to it, which I kind of like. Reminds me of the Sleek Pout Polish. The lip balm has a slant tip applicator, which makes application easier and hygienic tube packaging is something that I loved! This elle 18 colour pops lip balm in juicy berry also contains SPF 15 for added sun protection! Moreover, Elle18 products are widely available at all cosmetic stores starting from the local ones to the supermarket stores.

This shade, Juicy berry, is a dark pink colour with a bit of brownish tone to it. This is not at all sticky and does not feel heavy on my lips. I just with that the applicator helped me in evenly spreading the product. Affordable as it is, the shade will suit most Indian skin tones and won't empty the wallets of students. This provides light colour to the lips that fades away in an hour. The overall staying power of the lip balm is 2 hours. I can use it over my lipstick for that added juicy look to my lips. One thing I totally liked about this lip colour is that it is free from shimmery particles. It does not heal the lips or anything and I am sure dry skin would need an additional layer of moisture underneath this. Sadly, this settles into the lip's fine lines but thankfully, it does not make my lips look cracked or chapped. But don't expect it to provide full coverage to your lips or even medium coverage, because the pigmentation is light.

PROS Of Elle18 Lip Balm-

1) Very affordable
2) Would suit most Indian skin tones
3) Availability
4) Travel friendly packaging
5) Mild chocolaty fragrance I like!
6) This range has a total of 6 shades to choose from
7) SPF 15 content
8) Spreads easily onto the lips
9) Does not feel heavy or sticky
10) Provides medium moisture to the lips making them look juicy and gorgeous
11) Adds a hint of color to the lips
12) Juicy Berry is a lovely shade and would be liked by all

CONS Of Elle 18 Lip Balm-

1) Color fades away in just an hour or less
2) Moisturizing power is low
3) Does not provide coverage to the lips
4) Applicator fails to provide an even application
5) Color settles into the fine lines of my lips
6) Missing full ingredients list

Final Verdict- Mostly suitable for college students, Elle 18 lip balms are a great choice for those who are on a budget. Do not expect too much from it. You can read the cons of this lip balm above and then judge it. It adds a lovely hint of colour to the lips making them look juicier and healthier. Do not expect coverage, though. Overall, I liked this lip colour or lip balm from elle 18 and would definitely like to give the other shades a try!

Rating- 4/5

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