The Different Types Of Heels

Types of Heels List-

Women love walking in heels and today, I would be sharing with you the names of 10 different types of heels for women! Boys generally treat all high heeled shoes as just "heels" but each one of them have a different name...  I know most of you would love to know the names of the types of heels you own. I hope my article on high-heeled footwear ends your search for the list!

Here is the types of heels list-

1) Stilettos- Stiletto means a small dagger. Walking in Stilettos can be a bit difficult because the heels are pretty much thin. However, with practise, one can easily walk while wearing Stilettos! The trick is to walk in short steps. These long and thin heels can have a height from 2 inches to 10 inches!

2) Pump heels- These beauties can have a height of 4 inches or more! Pumps have a front which is low cut and the toes are either pointed or rounded. Pumps are considered to be dress shoes.

3) Spool Heels/ Louis Heels- Louis Heels (Also called Spool Heels) are shoes that are wider at the soles, narrow at the middle and again gets thick near to the toes. 

4) Prism Heels- Prism Heels are a different type of High Heels! The heels have been made in such a way so as to resemble a triangular prism. Prism heels are not so much in fashion, now.

5) Wedge Heels- Wedge heels are basically a type of high heels for women that run from the back to the front of the shoe. Wedge heels are wider at the back and narrow at the toes.

6) Cone Heels- Cone Heels are high heeled shoes that are wider at the soles and keep getting narrower as they move down, so as to resemble a conical heel structure.

7) Kitten Heels- Kitten heels do not add extra height but look beautiful and the height of the heel ranges from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. Kitten heels are very common on sandals and are generally worn by tall women who want to wear high heels but don't want to look even more tall.

8) Sling Backs- Sling backs have heels, which are generally of more than 2 inches and these shoes have a strap attached that crosses over the heels. Sling backs have either pointed or rounded toes and are very commonly found.

9) Wedge Sandals- Wedge Sandals facilitate walking and give the comfort of wearing flats but do add the glamor of wearing high heels. Wedge sandals also add extra height and come in many different colors and designs. Wedge sandals are mostly worn in the summer season.

10) Platform heels- Platform shoes have thick, platform soles and stiletto heels and these are quite commonly used by women. The heels are generally made up of cork, rubber or wood and are preferred as they add some extra height and look pretty fashionable.

So, yeah, these were basically the different types of heels for women! I am sure you were fascinated at different types of heels' name! Which of these heel types do You own?  

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