5 Basic Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin!

Tips For Glowing Skin-

Get naturally glowing skin...

Today, I would be sharing with you some beauty tips for healthy glowing skin! Religiously following these beautiful skin tips, you can surely achieve glowing skin. These beauty tips for face are to be followed along with proper balanced diet, proper water intake and along with a proper lifestyle.

1) Always use a toner after using face wash- Feel like skipping toner after using you favorite face wash, right? Then you are missing a chance to get natural glowing skin. What a toner does is that it removes excess dirt and also traces of face wash that might have been left behind- thus cleansing the skin even properly. So, now that you know a very important tip, do not ignore your toner and use it after using your face wash with the help of a cotton ball.

Use Toner after face wash to remove excess dirt and face wash residues

2) Use a clay based face pack one a week- What a clay pack will do is that, it would remove dead skin cells, improve the skin's texture, absorb and remove excess oil and help you achieve glowing, soft skin! Take some Multani Mitti (Fuller's earth) and using rose water or curd or honey, make a thin paste. Apply it all over your face, leave for 15-20 minutes till the pack dries completely. Remove the face pack, using Luke Warm water and with the help of circular motions. Expose that beautiful, soft skin lying under those dead skin cells!

A clay based face pack once a week please! :)

3) Moisturize your skin- Yeah, yeah, have told you about this 100s of times but I know you are still ignoring this tip. Believe me, this is a very very important skincare tip you have to follow- no matter how lazy you feel or how tired you are, or how much your mind says to ignore this tip :P Moisturizers are not always oily. If you have over dry skin, use a oil based moisturizer and if you have a oily skin, try using pure Aloe Vera gel or try to find a good water based or mattifying moisturizer. Come on, how much time would this take?

Never, ever skip the moisturizer!

4) Protect Your Skin- Most of us are in a hurry and wish to have 26 hours in a day! Now, that isn't possible. So, what we do to save time is that- use a face wash, ignore moisturizer, toner, sunscreen, and just comb your hair and go out! But in this, you are causing great harm to your skin and you would regret later. Saving a few minutes in a day and causing ever lasting damage to your skin in the long-run is causing you a total loss. yes mam, that is true. The sun rays are too harsh for the facial skin-which is 10 times thinner than the body skin. So use a sunscreen containing at least SPF 30 before you step out of the house to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Wanted to know how to make skin glow, right? So now, I have told you one of  the most important tip of all the facial beauty tips. Note this point in your diary too...

Use Sunscreen before stepping out of the house- Yes, even in winters!

5) Get rid of those ugly dark circles- Apply fresh, chilled cucumber juice under your eyes and after keeping it for 15 minutes, rinse it off! Also, keep slightly cooled and moist green tea bags, under your eyes for 10 minutes. Do this numerous times a day to reduce dark circles. Dark circles can look really ugly and snatch away your natural beauty. Follow this last but not the least of the tips for healthy skin along with the other tips! These healthy skin tips would help your face to look better and more glowing! Getting rid of under eye dark circles and puffy eyes are important beauty tips for the face.

Get rid of those ugly under eye dark circles and puffy eyes to get  a flawless glow!

If you are a male reading this post, then these skin care tips are applicable for your skin too! You need to take proper care of your skin and follow these glowing skin tips regularly, without fail.

So, girls, I know most of you skip toner or sunscreen but that causes a huge damage to your skin. These skin tips for healthy skin would definitely help you a lot. Especially, never skip the 1st and the 4th point of the face beauty tips. Look up again, read and let me know if you enjoyed reading the article :)

Get glowing natural skin- follow a good diet and the above mentioned tips! :)

Just an advice- Choose your face products very carefully as harsh products can lead to skin damage and may cause blackness on the face. Beautiful glowing skin can be achieved by anyone, if one uses a good mild cleanser, toner, sunscreen too, suitable for one's own skin type. Sticking to a simple skincare routine is a must and not trying too many harsh products is just one of the most important clear skin remedies. Remember, what suits me, may not suit you! So consult your dermatologist to find out just the perfect products for your skin type! :)

Take care everyone! :)

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