Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Review

Lux Peach & Cream Body Wash Review-
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These days, I am trying out new shampoos and conditioners and body washes too! This review was pending to be done since a long time. Finally, I am sitting in front of my computer, typing the review for you :D So lets see what is so special in the Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash! :))

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Review

Product Description- Enjoy the sensation of moisturized soft skin with Lux peach and cream body wash, enriched with exclusive silk protein extracts and peach cream.  It forms a light creamy layer that wraps your skin, helping to hold the moisture that it needs. 

Price- Rs. 62 for 125 ml & Rs. 125 for 240 ml


Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Ingredients

My Take On Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash-

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Product Information

This body wash comes in a long sleek bottle. The packaging looks so feminine! But the cap of this body wash is not so tight, which means the product is not so travel friendly. However, you can transfer the body wash into a good sturdy container and take it with you on travels :D The shower gel body wash smells mild and silky. The floral fragrance is what I liked in this body wash, but unfortunately the fragrance does not linger on.

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Cap

The body wash is slightly runny in consistency and is silky in texture. It spreads easily onto the skin and foams nicely. It leaves not slippery feeling behind and cleans the body nicely. And you know what the good part is? I got a free loofah with this body wash :P *Yay!* :P It contains SLS and a whole list of other chemicals too but did not irritate my skin. It removes oil and dirt from the skin effectively but however, better options are available in the market. It dries out the skin slightly- so keep your moisturizers ready! :)

Moving on to the Pros and Cons-


1) Very affordable
2) I got a free loofah :D
3) Cleans the body nicely
4) Mild fragrance
5) Did not cause any irritation to my skin
6) Leaves no slippery feeling behind


1) Contains SLS and other chemicals (Every other product contains SLS nowadays...)
2) Cap could have been sturdier
3) Slightly dries out the skin
4) Fragrance does not linger on

Lux Peach and Cream Body Wash Swatch

Final Verdict: I have noticed no change in my skin even after using this for over a month. My skin feels fresh right after using this but I did not get that "WOW!" feeling. It slightly dries out the skin but that problem can be solved by using a good moisturizer. Still, this is an affordable body wash which cleans the body nicely! I definitely recommend this lux body wash but do not expect any miracles from it :) If you have not tried a body wash yet, then go and grab this one ^_^  But if you are looking for something great then try out the Palmolive Skin Renewal Body Wash for sure!

Rating- 4/5 (-0.5 as the fragrance does not linger on, -0.25 for drying out my skin and -0.25 for the not so sturdy cap!)


  1. Seems a ok ok product Nice Review Arpi :)

    1. Yup! Nothing exceptionally good but nothing bad too :)

  2. Nice review.. I dont think this is for me as it dries out skin..
    Happy sunday :)
    Keep in touch,

    1. Dryness can be resolved by using a good moisturizer :D

  3. I love using body wash these days but I think it's not for me because I have normal/dry skin <3

    1. It won't harm the skin if you use moisturizer later on :D :D Thanks a lot for commenting Rakhshanda ♥♥♥ ^_^

  4. i love lux products...will buy definitely :)
    nice review arpita as alwyz n i love ur clicks tooo ..

    my recent one :

    1. Thanks a Lot Tej :D Your comments make me feel so better :D

  5. Review best part is to be done with pros and cons points..that you did well Arpita.

    1. Congrats on reaching 50. ;) Joined you.

    2. Thank you so so much dearie :D I am so glad to find readers like you on my blog ^_^ I feel so honored...Your comment made my day! :D

      Good Luck :)