Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Peach Blossom Review

      Maybelline Color Bloom Peach Blossom Review -

Hihi :) I hope you are enjoying my posts, aren't you? Well, I am love lip balms be it tinted ones or the non-tinted cuties! Today, in the sunlight will be the Maybelline Color Bloom Tinted Lip Balm in the shade peach blossom :D So, let us get started ....

Claims: With color sensational Lip Smooth Balm, it’s now easier than you think to get the luscious and healthy lips for that dazzling smile. This Lip balm revitalizes dry and dull lips and gives moisturized shine. It is enriched with vitamin E and Jojoba oil to make lips soft and smooth and SPF 16 to protect the lips against UV rays.

Features: It revitalizes dry / dull lips and gives moisturizing shineSoftnes and smoothens lips with SPF – 16.Dermatologically tested.

How to use:Glide on lips and smack lips together for even application.


Price: Rs. 99 for 1.7 grams

Packaging: It comes in a outer packaging which most of the lip balms come in- just the cardboard outer pack looks cute :) The coral/ peachy tube that this lip balm comes in looks not so cheap and cute too :P The packaging is sturdy and the lip balm is travel friendly too.

Fragrance: It has a mild fragrance that lingers on for sometime. The fragrance is strawberry-like but very mild. Will not bother you at all :)

Texture: It glides so easily on the lips...Man! The texture is buttery smooth and it provides a glossy look to the lips which looks super cool. It is very light in texture, does not feel heavy at all.

Moisturizing power: Color bloom provides a good moisture to the lips which stays on for like a maximum of 2 hours and then the peachy tint stays on for 30 more minutes! My lips feel soft after applying it and there is no uncomfortable feeling after applying it. It does not help much with overly chapped lips, though.

Sun Protection: It contains SPF 16 to protect your Lips from the Harsh UV rays of the sun! Yay! That is a plus point of this lip balm :)

Summing up my list of pros and cons-

  1. Moisturizes the lips nicely
  2. Packaging is so cute and sturdy
  3. Travel Friendly
  4. Tint looks good!
  5. Affordable
  6. Fragrance
  7. SPF 16 


1) Will not help if you have severely dry lips
2) Reapplication is needed after every 2 hours or so

Overall Verdict- I am impressed with the lip balm and I will repurchase this in the future too! I liked the tint, the packaging and the moisturizing power. But yes, it is not better than Maybelline Baby Lips. Still at this price, it is a decent lip balm which provides sun protection too!

Rating- 4/5

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  1. Nice Review I have another one and almost finished :p

  2. Nice Detailed Review Arpita .. I loved your pics :)

  3. Nice pics Arpita! I so wanted to try Maybelline but always ended up buying another one :)

    1. Woopsie! Do get this one if you want a sheer tinted lip balm :D

  4. I own it an like it too... Nice review dear..:)

  5. i have the baby lips with me..this one looked quite less pigmented being a color bloom....

    1. The color of Baby Lips is not so buildable. But you can build up the color to the intensity you like using Color Bloom :)

  6. these are really nice.. am waiting for the neon range to launch here :)

  7. vow.. these are so nice and the packaging is also so cute.. excited to try the pink one.. nice review and swatches dear