Clean And Clear Fairness Cream Review

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Clean And Clear Fairness Cream-

Hi everyone! What's up? I bought baby your skin soap and pep me mint soap from soulflower :D I am super happy and will review them soon! Today, it is about a fairness cream! I do not support fairness creams much because I believe that one should be happy in one's own skin. Being dusky or does not mean that you are not beautiful. Still, I bought this just for review purpose (you know, tempting advertisements :P )

Claims- Clean & Clear Fairness Cream contains berries and Pure rice extracts that helps reduce skin pigmentation and other skin infections. It adds a glow to the skin, making it fairer and brighter. Clean & Clear Fairness Cream also protects the skin from harmful effects of UV sunrays. This oil-free formula doesn’t clog the skin pores, rather provides protection and fairness to it for a longer duration. This cream is non-greasy and non-sticky.

Price:  Rs.65 for 20 g

Ingredients(From Website): 

My Take on Clean And Clear Fairness Cream-

This comes in a cute pinkish-purple tube which looks really chic. The packaging is sturdy but the nozzle packaging is a turn off for me because I can not control the amount I need for my face. It smells mildly floral and fades away really quick. The cream is slightly runny in consistency but nothing to worry about. It spreads really nicely onto the skin but yes, you need to blend it in nicely otherwise get ready to look like a ghost :P The cream is white (exactly white) in color and is really light on the skin.

Now, this gets absorbed really quickly and makes the skin fair but nothing exceptional. It mattifies (meaning: makes the skin non-shiny) the skin for like 2-3 hours and after that, my skin becomes slightly oily. If you use a lot of it at one go, then it will surely leave a whitish caste on your skin. So, you need to take a proper amount and blend it in really really nicely so that you skin looks natural! But the 3X pinkish fairness claim is just not true. It is oil free but contains a lot of chemicals. It never ever broke my sensitive skin out. This cream is only for those with oily skin. At this price, I did not expect much out of it. This is a good face cream but not a good fairness cream at all.

Summing up the Pros and cons-


1) Cute tube!
2) Fragrance
3) A small amount is needed each time
4) Makes the skin glowing without leaving any oily feel behind
5) Affordable
6) Never broke me out
7) Mattifies the skin for like 2-3 hours (not completely, though)


1) Leaves a whitish caste if used in excess
2) 3X pinkish fairness claim is false
3) Contains a lot of chemicals
4) No SPF
5) Won't suit dry skin
6) I wish the lasting power was a bit more
7) It is difficult to control the amount of product that comes out of the tube

Overall verdict- If you have oily skin and have not found out a good face cream, then do try this one. However, I won't repurchase this because I love experimenting with different stuff! This won't live up-to your expectations if you are looking for a fairness cream. As an average face cream, this is good. It adds a glow and mattifies the skin too!

Rating- 3.5/5

Have you tried the Clean and Clear Fairness cream?


  1. Hi Arpi lovely review dear I never used clean n clear products :)

  2. Replies
    1. If you have dry skin then skipping it will be the best thing to do :D

  3. dear arpita, can u suggest any alternative to try for oily skin.

    1. Try Garnier Fairness Creams or Lotus Whiteglow :)

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the great review but can you please tell me is it okay to use this cream in winter also ?

    1. Yes, it is good enough for winters if you have very oily skin! But dry skin will find it not so suitable for winters :)

  5. M using lotus white glow it doesnt wrks at all.. nd face evn black hota ja rha h..plz suggest me the bst creame...

    1. Hihi! If you are looking for a good cream that does not make the face black, try the Garnier Fair Miracle Cream! Mix it with your favourite moisturizer if you have dry skin and then use it :D Would definitely help :))

      Check out the review here-

    2. Thnkui arpita:) i will definitely use it

  6. I am looking too black which cream suits for me

  7. can i use this cream after applying serum on my face ?

    1. Yeah! But let the serum absorb in before applying this :))

  8. Many creams contain harmful ingredients like mercury that may cause abdominal pain, increased thirst, constipation and other skin problems. In many instances, it may result in severe allergies.

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