All You Need To Know About Loofahs!

All about Loofahs-

Applying shower gel or body wash using your hands may seem a good idea rather than investing in a loofah. But, I am here with an article that completely supports and encourages you to support the usage of loofahs.

Benefits of Using a Loofah-
1)                  When you use a loofah, you surely get a rich lather from your shower gel or body wash, even when you pour a small amount on the loofah.
2)                  A loofah cleans the skin nicely removing all the dirt particles and unclogs the pores too!
3)                  It exfoliates the skin nicely making it soft and smooth! It makes the skin appear brighter as it removes all the dull looking dead skin cells. However, applying body lotion / body butter, post bathing is necessary.
4)                  I have seen a major reduction in my Bacne too from the time I started using a loofah. I think it is because a loofah removes all the dirt, unclogging the pores and deep cleaning the skin!
5)                  Finally, a loofah helps you to save your money by making that bottle of shower gel/ body wash last for a long time. It helps you to get healthy looking skin!
Tips to maintain a loofah-
1)                  Cleaning your loofah once in a week is necessary to prevent bacterial growth. Therefore, you must use a good anti bacterial liquid to clean your loofah or you can use white vinegar to clean it properly.
2)                  Not everyone in the family should use a single loofah. A single loofah is for individual use. Otherwise, it will spread bacteria from one body to the other.
3)                  You should always hang the loofah rather than keeping it in your bathroom on the shelf. A loofah should be dried away from direct sunlight but in the open. Do NOT keep it in the bathing room.
4)                  Change your synthetic loofah once every 2 months. You should change your natural bathing sponge as soon as it develops any weird smell or you notice even slight color change.
5)                  After every use, wash your loofah to clean off any leftover shower gel foam or anything using hot water.
6)                  Always buy loofahs from a Branded company rather than opting for those that are sold on the footpaths. Branded loofahs are very slightly pricey but completely worth it. Branded synthetic loofahs are available for as low a price as Rs. 70

If you ask me, I personally would prefer natural loofahs over synthetic ones just because natural loofahs are natural! :P  So, this was all about loofahs! I hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it :) Take good care of yourselves… See you in my next article :D

Do You Use Your Loofah In The Right Way? Do Leave A Comment Below! Your Comments Make Me Feel That My Work Is At-least Worth Something :)

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  1. Such a great post! I also prefer natural loofahs. I never thought of cleaning my loofah separately though because I tend to wash my loofahs right away after using.

    1. Cleaning a loofah is really important..All throughout the week your loofah attracts dirt and bacteria, dead skin cells, etc. If you do not clean you loofah properly once a week then all the germs get onto the skin which is eeekkksss!! :O Do clean it once a week :D :D