The Moral of The Story Is........

This story is of my son. He was and is a chocolate and candy lover. Give him some of that dark chocolate and he won't demand for anything else. He can stay away from all other street food if only he gets- chocolates! He can live on them for years too :P

Get Healthy Teeth- Brush Your Teeth 2 times a day, everyday!

He has always been eating chocolates since he was 5 years old. I tried to stop him, tried cutting on the chocolates but some way or the other, he used to manage to get them! He had a wonderful grandfather (My Husband's father), who used to love him a lot! My son's grandfather knew swimming and everyday they both enjoyed a bath in a small lake beside our home. Everyday, he used to force his grandfather to buy him chocolates. If he refused to do so, he would sit on the footpath and start crying! He used to hold the telephone poles, when his grandfather tried to pull him from the footpath! Seriously, he was extremely stubborn! But oh yes, he was a kid then. Sometimes he used to beat his grandfather on his big belly too (slowly and softly, though). Finally, after all the hard work, he used to get HIS chocolates! I knew his teeth would get spoiled. I tried to make him use the right toothpaste (From Colgate) but he just used to swallow it down. His teeth began to catch cavities. He did feel the pain but did not tell me anything as I would take him to the dentist to get his teeth filled up and also cut down on his chocolates. 2-3 months passed away. His front teeth has also caught Bad cavities and his molar teeth has started to move.

One day, at night, that molar teeth started paining. He cried, he screamed, the pain had become unbearable and it was late at night and so the dentist's shop and the medical stores near my place had closed. I got some cloves to help the toothache. All that night, we all had to stay awake to take care of him.

The next day, he was taken to the dentist and the dentist had to pull away all that rotten teeth. Every Monday, one of his bad tooth had to say bye bye! He has to take and anesthesia added injection in his gum to minimize the pain during all the pulling and pricking! He used to scream and shout but there was nothing that could be done. He was given mouthwashes, tablets, toothpastes and all to help his teeth grow back. He had almost 3 of his frontal teeth pulled away, his molar tooth and 1 or 2 more teeth removed. He had learnt his lesson. He started brushing regularly using the Colgate toothpaste (The normal white one), he used his mouthwashes at proper times and took great care of his teeth. All his teeth grew back except for the molar tooth that took around 5 years to grow back! Today, my son is 15+ years of age and he has white, healthy and strong teeth (*touch-wood*) ....He still remembers the pain he had to undergo! He has stopped eating too many chocolates. He loves his teeth and cares for them a lot. He now knows the value of white and strong teeth! All thanks to Colgate, God and the mouth washes :D

Till date, Colgate is my permanent toothpaste brand! Whatever we buy is from Colgate. My son  has learnt that there is a time when you should Stop.
So, The Moral of the Story is that you should brush your teeth properly and not in a hurry and that your dentist is your best friend. You should never ever hide any tooth pain, cavities etc. because they will only cause more pain later on. You should know when to stop and should value the white, shiny, healthy and strong teeth you have. They are really precious!  Don't ever ignore the warning signs!

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  1. Lovely and something different :)

  2. That was an interesting story telling hw much it is important to take care of teeth else... :P
    Very impressive dear :)

  3. Such a CUTE story..
    Your boy is just like me.. I was a diehard fan of chocolates until BHOOTHNATH came in my dream some yrs back..
    Love the way you have described..
    And now i understood how bad my mom feels whenever i eat a chocolate..:P

    1. hehe :P :P :P :P :P I love chocolates too! But after every cadbury bar you eat, you must brush your teeth :D :D :D

  4. seriously something different... I too love sweets n chocolates n cakes n anything sweet. n had my last tooth removed coz of tht. it used to pain really bad n i couldn't sleep at nights.. so i can sumwhere relate t the pain.. nice post.. :)

  5. I am scared to go to a dentist! Prevention is indeed better than cure! But how long??

    1. You must take care of your teeth forever :D If you take care of your teeth now, then you'll have great teeth even when you grow 80 years old :D

  6. Hi Arpita.. your article smells of mother's love.. i truly believe that no tooth paste can stop ur teeth frm decaying unless u take steps to actually brush well and do the neccessary things fr oral hygiene.. we use Colgate too.. :)