How To Make Your Leather Bag Last Longer!

Taking care of your leather bag

If you are the kind, who prize your leather bag/tote/backpack or wallet/purse, then it is very important for you to know how to take care of them/it. Yes, bags do need to be cared for just as you would take care of any other possession, especially if they are expensive – which good quality leather products generally are. Leather handbags are also a staple in every fashionistas wardrobe and is now more a necessity than an accessory and thus, require due care.
Leather bags are easily bent out of shape, get wrinkled, stained and dulled. You need to make sure you do a weekly cleaning ( or even a daily one if you are so inclined) and store your bag carefully so that it lasts long and looks as good as new. 

Cleaning: Determine what kind of leather your bag is made of and buy a cleaning agent that is specified for it. This you will find at most stores which sell leather products – ask the shop assistants for help here, they will be able to guide you to the right product.  While you can use this cream/lotion/gel for heavy duty cleaning, you can also use a simple damp cloth to wipe your bag daily or twice weekly to rid it of dust and dirt. You can also use mild soap – never harsh detergent, cleaning products with harsh chemicals or alcohol to remove stains. Once you have cleaned your bag, allow it to dry naturally, do not use hair dryers etc. on it as artificial heat will dry the leather and make it brittle. 

Storage: Never put your leather bag on the floor – if you have to, then make sure you wipe the bottom of the bag with a wet wipe or a damp, soapy cloth immediately, or once you are back home. Dust and grime will age the leather and dull its shine so if you neglect this then your bag will suffer. In addition, it is prudent to store the bag upright in your cupboard without other things pressing down on it. This will avoid wrinkles forming on the leather. Another good idea is to stuff the bag with newspaper or plastic when you are not using it so that the shape is maintained. This is something you can avoid for stiff bags, but a must for soft leather bags.
 Also, do not hang your bag on a hook or a cupboard handle as this places a lot of strain on the straps. Moreover, while storing them in your cupboard, if there is adequate space, then it is a good idea to keep them in individual baskets or cubby holds that can be built into your wardrobe.

Refurbishing: There will come a time when the leather will fade, peel, or become yellow with age. At this point, if you do not want to throw away your prized possession, then it is a good idea to take it to a professional leather worker who will know how to restore it. A professional can also attach metal ‘feet’ to the bottom of your bag, if it does not have them already. These feet help keep the bag elevated when you put it on the ground – saving it from a lot of damage and dust. 

Organising: It is crucial that you keep your accessories and pens organised when it comes to any bag – not only leather. Keep your makeup and perfume bottles in a Ziploc or well secured makeup bag and your pens in a case, tightly capped. Pens cause the most damage to bags because the caps can come off and cause unsightly marks on the leather or other material, which are very difficult to get rid of. Make up might spill and cause great big stains which again, are very difficult to take off. It is advisable to carry food separately for the same reason. In case your bag is stained with grease, have it removed professionally as you might damage the bag in your efforts to remove the stains at home.

Treat your leather bag with respect – after all, do not forget that an animal gave up its life for it and in the light of this sacrifice, and for the money you paid for it, it deserves care and maintenance, just as you do! 

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how to keep your leather bag in good shape
leather bag care
How to keep your leather bag in good shape 


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