I am Arpita, from Kolkata, India. I used to see other people blogging and blogs are something that are a great time-pass for me. When I was suffering from acne, I would visit blogs, read product reviews, buy some of the products and try them. Some worked, some didn't.

I really wanted to share my experience with the products with the world so that they can choose products wisely. Although, we do not have the same skin type or colour, my main aim is to help people by stating my experience, so that you can skip buying products that hardly work.

I started Indian Beauty Center in 2012, with an objective of helping people and for my own joy and time-pass. I instantly fell in love with the response that I started to get. Readers told me how much they love my work and want to see more reviews. Since then, beauty blogging has become my passion and I have been working for 3 years now in this industry. I totally enjoy myself and each word I write comes from my heart.

I have very oily, sensitive skin and acne prone skin-type too. I have a fair to wheatish skin tone.

I am not trying to compete with anyone. But, I definitely am ambitious. What I am trying to do here is write completely honest reviews. I have worked with a lot of brands, but even them my opinion remains honest. If I don't like something about a particular product, even when  it's sponsored, I mention that. My readers are my priority. I am not going to flatter anyone at the cost of my readers.

All I want to do is keep on writing, make my blog grow and I also want to stay inspired through all the comments that you post. Thank you very much for supporting me throughout! :)

Indian Beauty Center is an outcome of my love for skin-care, makeup, lip care and beauty! I believe that no matter what your skin color, face shape, skin type is, you just look beautiful. It is the inner beauty that counts! With your and only your support, my blog is growing. Love you and I promise to keep working hard and keep on writing quality content for you guys.

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