Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Hair Serum Review

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At first, trichoz hair serum from ethicare remedies reminded me of Livon hair serum and since I liked that, I decided to give this a try too! I have been using it for 2 months and am going to review this trichoz hair serum for all of you! Let's see if it worked and magically repaired my split ends...

Product Description : Leave on hair serum for dry, tangled, frizzy, unmanageable hair and hair fall.  Unique hair fiber sealing property-strengthens each hair strand. Improves manageability of dry, tangled, frizzy & brittle hair. Helps to treat split ends. Specially developed non sticky formula. Suitable for all age groups. Compatible with all hair growth treatment.

Key Ingredients : Blend of silicone conditioners, Vit.-E, U.V. filters and Amino acid

Shelf Life : 36 months from Mfg. date

Price in India : Rs. 180 for 50ml and Rs. 290 for 100ml

Directions for use : Take a small amount of serum in your palms & gentle apply on your hair. Leave it in.

My Take On Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Hair Serum-

It comes in a black cardboard box that mentions all the details regarding the product. The hair serum comes in a simple transparent bottle with flip-top cap. It has a very mild fragrance.

It is thick in consistency and I apply it to my towel dried hair. I only apply it to the length of my hair avoiding the scalp. After a few seconds it gets coated onto the hair strands to the tip and I then begin to comb my hair. My comb glides through pretty easily and my hair feels soft and silky throughout the day. The effect of this hair serum lasts for 2 days. Hair looks shiny and feels very soft and silky. It contains U.V. filters for additional protection, which is a plus point.

It does not "repair" split ends as claimed but detangles the hair efficiently. It does not feel heavy and does not make my hair greasy at all. Just makes my locks shiny and smooth. Cannot comment on the hair repairing claim and also the prevention of hair loss claim. It does help with reducing frizz to an extent.

PROS OF Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Hair Serum :

1) Nice packaging
2) Travel friendly
3) Leave in hair serum
4) Contains UV filters and Vitamin E
5) Makes the hair shiny
6) Detangles hair
7) Makes hair soft and silky
8) Effect lasts for 2 days
9) Affordable
10) Does not feel heavy, greasy or sticky
11) Helps control frizz

CONS OF Ethicare Remedies Trichoz Hair Serum :

1) Availability
2) Contains silicones
3) Does not repair split ends, just makes the hair soft and shiny
4) Can't comment on the hair fall control and hair growth claims

Final verdict : Overall, if you want to try something similar to Livon hair serum or Silk n Shine hair serum, then give it a go. It does make the hair soft and shiny and also the effect lasts for good 2 days. Does not repair split ends, though. Makes my hair shiny and silky! Get it if you want to de-tangle your hair so that the comb glides through smoothly every-time

Rating : 4/5


  1. the serum sounds really good
    Keep in touch

  2. Sounds so good thanks for the advice

    xx L.

  3. Is this like the Livon serum we used many years ago to de entangle hair??

  4. That was a very detailed review, I'll surely try this one out. Glad it lived up to the promise.


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