Nivea Oil In Lotion Cocoa Nourish Review - A Boon For Very Dry Skin?

Nivea Oil-In-Lotion Cocoa Nourish Body Lotion Review

Nivea Oil In Lotion Cocoa Nourish Review

I decided to try the Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa Nourish Body Lotion for very dry skin recently and I have truly fallen in love with this. It promises to give long lasting nourishment and it does truly that. My skin really becomes dry during the icy-cold winter months and thus this formula with Hydra IQ tempted me. So, let me review this amazing nivea lotion for dry skin for all of you...

Product Description- This new-age body lotion has the goodness of natural oils and a fast absorbing lotion formula that provides deep nourishment for your skin while keeping it soft and smooth all day long. Enriched with coconut oil and Cocoa butter, it provides deep moisture and smoothes away dullness. The formula with hydra-IQ, reactivates your skin’s own moisture network to give 24 hour moisturisation with just one use.

Nivea Cocoa Nourish


Best cream for dry skin

Shelf Life- 30 months from Mfd.

Price in India- Rs. 250 for 250 ml AND Rs. 330 for 400 ml

My Take On Nivea Cocoa Nourish Body Lotion-

It comes in a nice shaped bottle with a stylish cap, that is not so tight and thus might open accidentally in your handbag. The packaging is a bit bulky and currently, smaller versions of this are not available. Thus, carrying this with you during travels can be slightly risky. The body lotion is thick and white in colour with a strong fragrance with hint of coconut. I find the fragrance a bit too strong and I think it should be toned down. The fragrance reminds me of Parachute Advansed Butter Smooth Body Lotion.

Skin care

I have been using this for a long time now and one this that I have realized is that a very small amount of this goes a long way as it spreads easily onto the skin. This absorbs within a couple of minutes and keeps my skin hydrated for 4-5 hours and then I feel like reapplying this nivea body lotion. For the quantity, I think that the price is justified. Also, this actually nourishes my skin and my skin has become a lot smoother and does not feel too stretchy now. Of course, the effects are temporary but I feel that this works! It is free from colorants, ethyl alcohol and animal-derived ingredients which is amazing. What I like the most about this body lotion is that it does not leave behind any greasiness or any oiliness on my skin. Now, that is really something great about this. I do recommend this to all of you and I would definitely think about repurchasing this.


1) Affordable, considering that you need a very small amount per use
2) Bigger packs available, with pump packaging
3) It is free from colorants, ethyl alcohol and animal-derived ingredients
4) Contains cocoa butter and coconut oil
5) Skin feeling meter on the packaging shows that it scores a 4/5 on richness
6) Does not leave behind any oiliness
7) Keeps the skin moisturized for 4-5 hours straight
8) Available everywhere- online and offline
9) Dermatologically approved
10) Makes the skin smooth and silky and vanishes all dryness

Nivea body lotion review


1) Smaller versions not available
2) Not so travel friendly as the cap does not close that tightly
3) Contains parabens
4) Fragrance must be toned down a bit

Final Verdict- I would totally ask you all to try this out as this is one of the best body lotion available in India and lives upto its claims. Would suit all from very dry body skin type to oily body skin-type. I love this and the way it keeps my skin moisturized and happy!

Nivea cream review

Rating- 4.25/5

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