Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub Review

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub Review-

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub Review

Honestly, I bought the Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub just to get free shipping from MedPlusBeauty :P For a long time, I did not even think about using this on my body, let alone my face. But being a blogger, I feel a sense of responsibility and thus, decided to try it out no matter what the outcome might be. And from then on, there is no looking back...Let me begin the Nature’s Essence Face and Body Scrub Review...

Product Description- Sun exposure, pollution and weather change make the skin layer dull and lifeless. Apart from regular cleansing, it is essential to clean the dead skin. Nature’s apricot scrub is based on the properties of apricot peel which deep cleanses the skin pores and dislodges the dead skin.  This makes the skin look more radiant, clean and radiant.

Key Ingredients- Aloe vera juice, apricot oil, apricot grains and carrot seed oil.

Price in India- Rs. 145 for 120 g

Shelf Life- 2 years and 9 months

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub

My Take on Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub-

I have always wanted to try an apricot scrub and I when I used it on my body for the first time, I felt that I needed too much of the product. I thought I would get only one use out of this whole tube that cost me around Rs. 145. But, I managed to get 2 full body scrubs and 2 face scrubs out of this and still, quite some amount is left in the tube and i think I will be able to manage one more full body scrub application with it. So, I find this very cost effective.

Nature’s Essence Apricot Body Scrub

Personally, I have not yet developed trust for The Nature's Essence brand as I don't own much products from the brand. Seriously, this product has impressed me. It removed all the dead skin cells and the apricot particles are of perfect fineness. Slightly coarse are the particles but I like it. I find the fragrance a bit unnatural like that of some cheap body lotion or lipstick but thankfully, the fragrance does not linger on. My skin felt soft and smooth and bright after using this and the effect lasted for around 2 days. While most body scrubs are too costly and the quantity of product provided is too less, I get to use this body scrub once every week without being afraid of spending "too much".

I was extremely skeptical about trying this on my oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin but this did not seem too harsh on my skin and removed all dead skin cells and dirt effectively. Its creamy consistency did not make my face very oily or anything. It did not scratch my skin, like I imagined :P Neither did it cause any acne not did it irritate my skin, rather this made my skin soft and glowing. Just remember not to use too much of pressure while scrubbing your facial skin in circular motion. It might leave a sort of layer on your skin after usage but you should always use a good face wash to remove all the oil from your skin after using this. Overall, this scrub perfectly fits my budget and does its job, both as a face scrub and as a body scrub nicely. I will definitely recommend everyone of you to try this out.


1) Very affordable
2) Did not irritate my skin
3) Did not cause any break outs on my sensitive skin
4) Quantity provided is amazing
5) Removes dead skin cells effectively
6) Did not make my skin too oily
7) Keeps the skin soft, supple and glowing
8) Effect lasts for two days
9) Packaging is good and the cap is tight
10) Works equally well as a body scrub and also as an apricot face scrub
11) 2-in-1 product :P
12) Superb shelf life

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face Scrub Review


1) Fragrance is a unnatural
2) Full list of ingredients has not been mentioned

Nature’s Essence Apricot Face and Body Scrub Swatch

Final Verdict- I am highly impressed by this scrub and I do recommend all of you to try this out. This is a good scrub both for the facial and the body skin. The quantity of product will last you for quite sometime. Overall, this scrub is a must-try for everyone with dry, oily or normal skin :)

Rating- 4.75/5

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