Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub Review

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Lakme Cleanup Scrub Review-

If you have seen my Haul, you already know that I got this scrub from them! Well, I was not expecting much from it and was a bit worried about using it on my face. But then, being a beauty blogger I had to do this. Here are the results and my detailed review....

Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub's Tube! Looks cute, right? ♥_♥

Product Description(From Website)-

Infused with strawberry extracts & glycerin, Lakmé Clean-up Scrub polishes your skin leaving it dirt free, fresh & smooth with a salon-like irresistible glow.
How To Use(From Website):
1. Wet face.
2. Take a generous amount and gently massage for 2-3 minutes in circular motion with fingertips avoiding the eye contour.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

Step 1- Wash, Step 2- Scrub! :D

Price- Rs. 99 for 50 gm

Shelf Life-24 months.


The Boring Ingredients List ... Was feeling too lazy to type them out so here is a pic :P

My Take On Lakme Clean Up Face Scrub-

This comes in a good-looking red plastic tube with a sturdy cap. I do not like flip-top caps because it gets all messy. But this Lakme Face Scrub has a twist open cap and so it helps in getting out the product conveniently. The scrub is thick in consistency, where walnut powder acts as an exfoliant. The fragrance is the same as the Lakme Cleanup Face Mask, which has been already reviewed here, but maybe slightly milder.

Beautiful pic? Thanks to my camera :)))

The scrub does not lather much, yet effectively exfoliates and removes all dead skin cells, unclogs pores, removes oil and tightens the skin too! It adds softness and a glow to the face. The softness lasts for 2-3 days. It never gave pimples to my oily, sensitive skin. I just love this scrub totally!  But yes, if you have deep-seated blackheads then it won’t help much. For those with milder blackheads, this may work! 

Finally, I just love the fact that you can get a more intense or even a mild scrub with it. The Scrubbing walnut shell particles are just perfect. If you apply more pressure, the intensity of scrubbing increases. If you want to scrub your face gently then you just need to apply low pressure.

Nah! It does not help much with blackheads...Believe me, I have tried :)

Let us move on to the Pros and Cons of the Lakme Cleanup Face Scrub…

  1. Scrubs the skin nicely
  2. Makes the skin soft, tight and glowing
  3. Affordable
  4. You can scrub as per your need. If you want some tough scrubbing, then you can apply more pressure while scrubbing and if you want gentle scrubbing, you can adjust the pressure you apply accordingly.
  5. Sturdy Packaging
  6. Travel-friendly
  7. Removes oil, dead skin cells and freshens up the skin effectively
  8. Effect lasts for 2-3 days
  9. Did not irritate my skin and never gave me breakouts
  10. Mild fragrance
  11.  Helps with mild blackheads
  1. Not for those with dry skin
  2.  Contains a lot of chemicals, including  SLS
  3. Does not help much with stubborn and deep-seated blackheads
Swatches of the Lakme Cleanup Face Scrub :) The scrub does not lather much, actually :)

Overall Verdict- This is a great scrub for combination and oily skinned beauties. Does its job perfectly and gives soft and smooth skin. Do not expect it to remove blackheads and all. If you have a sensitive skin then perform a patch test before using it. For me, I loved this scrub! It is a great way to remove all the dead skin cells that get accumulated over the week. Do not over-scrub your skin. Use it only twice a week and not any more.

Rating- 4.5/5


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