MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review

MABH Hair Oil Review-

MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil Review

Lancy, from Makeup and Beauty Home sent me this hair oil for review purpose. I had read a lot of amazing reviews about this natural hair oil with all herbal ingredients. I immediately started using it on my daughter who was suffering from hair fall and I also used it myself. After using this oil for about a month, I am ready and all set to review it. So, here is my review on MABH Fast Growth Ayurvedic Hair Oil...

Product Description- This natural hair oil does not contain silicone, paraben, colorant or any other harmful chemical. It is 100% vegan, homemade and purely herbal. We don’t even add any kind of preservative to this herbal hair oil and and that is why the shelf life of the hair growth oil is only 6 months whereas other branded hair oils come with years life tag. There will be no side effects on usage and we guarantee it! Till today, we haven’t received a single negative feedback about our product which you can refer online!

Ayurvedic Hair oil India

Ingredients- Neem, tulsi, hibiscus, bhringraj, Vitamin E extracts, Aloe vera, natural essential oils including 20+ herbs (some which are rarely found - collected dried and powdered and mixed in a secret ratio)

Price in India- Rs. 400 for 100ml

Shelf Life- 6 months from mfg.

Packaging- The MABH Hair Growth Ayurvedic Hair Oil comes in a rectangular bottle with a dropper-head like cap. The cap fits tightly and the packaging does not allow much oil to leak. Really, really few drops leak outside the bottle. And, that's really good because, most of the oils that I have tried, leak like crazy while this improved packaging of this oil is almost spill-proof.

Hair growth oil in India

Color, consistency and fragrance- The fragrance this herbal hair oil has is really mild, like really faint mustard oil smell and the fragrance does not bother my nose at all. The fragrance is mild enough for sensitive noses to bear. The oil is slightly runny in consistency and although it looks really dark in the bottle, it is faintly mustard-yellow in reality.

My Take on MABH Hair Oil-

The MABH Herbals Hair Growth Oil is easy to apply and I use it overnight and wash it off with shampoo in the morning. I have used it on my daughter's hair, who was suffering from hairfall and thin hair and this has made her hair stronger and her hairfall is reduced a lot now. Even my own hair feels soft, shiny, healthy, strong, dandruff free, thick and my hair has started to grow a bit faster now :) I totally recommend this hairfall control oil as it actually has helped me and my daughter and it is all natural and so does not cause any allergic reactions to my skin :D I totally recommend this oil to all and it is a must have for those who want long hair, reduction in hair-loss and beautiful hair...

MABH Herbals Hair Oil Review


1) Almost spill proof packaging
2) Fragrance is not too strong
3) Not greasy
4) Does not feel heavy
5) Makes hair manageable, soft and smooth
6) Imparts natural shine to hair
7) Strengthens hair and stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall, roughness and dandruff effectively
8)  International shipping available through Craftsvilla
9) Gets washed off in just 2 washes with shampoo, completely
10) Does not cause allergy to skin or scalp
11) Lasts for around 10-12 uses.

Natural Hair Oil Hairfall India


1) Ingredients list is missing.
2) Does not help with extremely severe hair fall
3) A bit pricey. (Rs. 400 for 100ml in India)

Dandruff, Hairfall, Rough Hair Oil

Final Verdict- Overall, this is a good hair oil and a must have for those with mild hair fall and dry hair, rough hair and dandruff. This has made my hair really soft and smooth to touch and it is not too greasy like other hair oils. The best part is that it is an all natural hair oil. My hair-fall rate has reduced and my daughter's hair fall rate has fallen to a great extent too and this nicely stimulated hair growth. Thanks to Lancy for making this oil available to us! :) Finally, I would like to state that this is a must buy for everyone and I am confidently say this as this has not cause any allergy to my scalp and truly, I have tested it for a long time now! :D You can buy the oil from the official site  (Free Shipping) or by messaging MABH Herbals on their Facebook Page (Free Shipping) or from CraftsVilla (Shipping charge Rs. 100 within India and Rs. 1000 outside India).

MABh hair Oil India swatch

Rating- 4.5/5

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