Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review

Randomly saw this park avenue beer shampoo at a wholesale shopping mall named Metro Cash and Carry and my hubby got excited and threw it into the trolley :P :P I used this shampoo and then read mixed reviews about this beer shampoo. Anyways, this did work for my hair and here is my review on the Park Avenue Beer Shampoo that claims to contain real beer...

Product Description- This product contains real beer which is framed to have excellent conditioning properties. Regular usage of this shampoo will leave your hair bouncy, shiny and full of volume. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is unisex and can be used by men and women who desire that extra shine and lustre It is so that your locks get nothing but the best in hair care. This is organic and is formulated with real beer so that your locks get nothing but the best in hair care. It will help you flaunt lustrous locks and give you shiny hair. It's time for our hair to wake up and say cheers. Presenting the Park Avenue beer shampoo, the first product of its kind in India. This shampoo is made with real beer as an active ingredient for your daily use that shampoos and conditions your hair for 24*7 Happy High!! Contains amino acids that condition and nourish your hair. Malts and barley that enhance shine. Hops and yeast reduce scalp irritation. Packed with proteins that strengthen your hair, giving it a luscious bounce. Made from natural beer, it adds volume to your hair and still keeps it soft and manageable. Perfect for daily use as it leaves behind only the goodness and not the whiff of the beers. A 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner that is soothing and gentle

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Ingredients- Aqua,Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate,Beer,Dimethiconal (And) TEA Dodecylbenzenesulfonate (And) Laureth 23 ,Cocoamidopropyl Butane,Cocobetaine,Cocodiethanalomide,Sodium Chloride,Perfume,Polyquaternium-10,Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride,Bis (C13-15 Alkoxy).PG Amodemethicone,Methylchloroisothyazolinone & Methylisothyazolinone,Benzophenone -4,Tetra Sodium EDTA,Citric Acid,Diethyl Phthalate,C.I15985,C.I 19140

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review India

Alcohol content: 0.25% v/v contains 1% w/v diethyl phthalate.

Price in India- Rs. 160 for 200ml

Shelf Life- Around 23 months

My Experience with Park Avenue Beer Shampoo-

The Park Avenue Beer Hair Cleanser comes in a bottle with a long neck and a not-so-tight flip-open cap. The product is not travel friendly as the  cap does not close tightly. The cap looks exactly like the ones used on the beer bottles :P The overall packaging is amazing and I loved how classy it looks- exactly like a beer bottle resting on my bathroom shelf :P The shampoo is mild yellowish in color- again, the color matches the color of real beer. But the consistency of this shampoo is slightly runny and it spreads easily onto my hair and scalp. This is one of those shampoos that claim to contain real beer. This hair shampoo contains a lot of other chemicals, which might be harmful to the hair in the long run.

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I have only one word to describe the fragrance of this shampoo- Disgusting! :P This shampoo smells like bleaching powder and rotten grapes mixed together in a very awkward proportion...I am used to the fragrance now but when I used it for the first time, I felt like shouting- "Yucks!" So, sensitive noses, beware!

Beer Shampoo for Hair Benefits

This shampoo that contains beer cleanses the hair nicely, lathers really well and removes all oil, dirt and impurities from the hair and scalp in just 2 washes. Afterwards, my hair feels super soft, silky, shiny and happy! :) This shampoo slightly dries out the hair but I use a hair serum or conditioner to combat the slight problem.


1) Affordable
2) Packaging looks nice
3) Cleanses the hair and scalp really nicely
4) Removes oil and dirt in 2 washes
5) Makes the hair soft, shiny and silky
6) Nice shelf life
7) Contains real beer
8) Unisex Shampoo
9) Effects of this hair cleanser last for about 2 days
10) My hair looks healthier (Contains silicone and that might be the reason for this "appearance")

Beer Hair Wash Benefits


1) Fragrance (This is the biggest con)
2) Slightly dries out the hair and scalp
3) Contains a lot of chemicals
4) Cap is not so tight, so the product is not travel friendly

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Final Verdict- I would recommend all those with normal to oily hair to try this shampoo. This shampoo makes my hair soft, shiny and gives it a healthy look. Although the smell is awfully bad, like strong bleaching powder, it did not harm my hair. But, this might be harmful in the long run as it contains a lot of other chemicals. But anyways, I would repurchase this shampoo. It is affordable, the packaging is beautiful and my hair feels smoother and shinier. Thus, this is a great shampoo, overall!

Rating- 4.5/5


  1. this shampoo made my hair dull. good review

    1. Yeah, Beer does not suit all hair types! It can make ones hair awesome and can ruin it too! I am glad it suited me :)

  2. This one made my hair rough :-(
    You may try lush cynthia salvia..that's the best bear shampoo I have ever tried :-)

  3. it dries hair :( then its a no no product for me ...Thanks for review

  4. Nice review Arpita,, I wish there were less chemicals !!

  5. I agree with the smell ;) Though it did nothing for my hair, M glad it worked for you doll :) <3 <3

  6. I did like this one. Bur it isnt for dry hair

  7. Its sure smells bad! My husband used it and didnt like it at all!

  8. Love the bottle. That alone is worth the purchase.

  9. i really want to try this...Looks a wonderful product...Great review

    my recent one :

  10. Nice review. Bottle looks like actual beer :) Sad to know it has so many chemicals.

  11. Lovely review everytime. But I always steer clear of this shampoo in malls and shops coz I hate that smell. Its great that you can bear it....And its great that it worked for you so well...

    Do keep in touch...

  12. Bleaching powder and rotten grapes? I am going to stay as far away from this shampoo as I possibly can. Great review as always dear :)

  13. Awwwww!!! That smell I surely agree is the biggest con.

  14. Good review Arpita!! but silicones are strictly no-no to me

  15. I was so fascinated to use the beer shampoo but it failed to do any good to my hair. It made my hair too rough instead. :(
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  16. I'm scared of experimenting with shampoos. However, I use beer on my hair twice a month and it amps up the volume.

  17. I have tried it it dries out hair.

  18. It dries out hair badly! Nice review dear :) xo

  19. I have read so many reviews regarding this but whenever I think about trying it, I am already overloaded with shampoo samples. :D Nice review! :)

  20. Though it did nothing for my hair, I'm glad it worked for you doll :) Nice review <3

  21. Your cons are exactly what I faced. I am not quite happy with it, not repurchasing.

  22. My dad got this as a birthday gift and I got to try it few times..though I liked it for the shine it gave to my hair....I too didn't like the smell...and stopped using it mainly because of that reason!! :P