Beauty Secrets of Bipasha Basu

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Bipasha Basu Beauty Tips-

Bipasha Basu's Beauty Secrets

Bipasha Basu, as we all know, is a fitness freak and loves working out! Bipasha Basu is a dusky beauty and we all love her skin- don't we? She looks gorgeous all the times and here are the beauty secrets of your favorite- Bipasha Basu.....

1) Bipasha Basu recommends Kiehl's lip balm with SPF 15 to be used during winters! 

2) Bipasha Basu says that people with extremely dry lips should use a lip scrub as an effective solution! She says that one should use almond oil on their lips and leave it overnight. This really helps in preventing chapped lips.

3) She says that one should use an effective sunblock and that she never leaves her house without using a good sunblock to prevent sun damage.

4) Bipasha Basu believes that one should use an organic face wash. Every 15 days, Bipasha says that the usage of an organic face scrub is effective!

Bipasha Basu uses an Organic Scrub once in every 15 days!

5) Bipasha follows a Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM) routine every night before going to bed.

6) Bipasha Basu uses almond oil under her eyes before going to sleep!

7) For her hair, Bipasha goes for regular oil massages and conditions her hair nicely.

8) Bipasha's morning beauty regime starts with drinking four to six glasses of water. Bipasha also eats almonds, soaked in water overnight, in the morning.

9) Bipasha avoids using heavy makeup, while she is not working.

Bipasha Basu skin secrets revealed!

10) She says that one should never use scalding hot water for bathing and even during winters, bathing with Lukewarm is advised by Bipasha. 

11) After shower, Bipasha uses a thin film of after shower oil or a good moisturizer containing Vitamin E on the body to keep the skin nicely moisturized.

12) Once in a month, Bipasha believes that using a protein pack on the hair does wonders!

13) Malai, almond paste, cocoa butter and Aloe Vera is what Bipasha suggests for moisturizing one's face.

Bipasha Basu believes that protein pack on the hair one in a month works wonders!

14) Bipasha believes that looking natural and simple is her key to beauty!

15) Bipasha eats everything except red meat and rice.

16) For glowing skin, Bipasha says that eating fish and nuts that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, help a lot!

17) Finally, Bipasha believes that the key to living well is healthy food and exercise. She says that a simple home recipe for glowing skin is nothing but Water!

Bipasha Basu's pretty dimple :D

So, I hope you liked knowing about Bipasha Basu's beauty regime. Looks like almond oil is what she likes the most- for her under eye ares and for the lips too! Also, water seems to be every actress's favorite drink!

Do you share anything in common with Bipasha Basu's Beauty Tips? If yes, then comment below! Stay beautiful and don't forget to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize! ^_^

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  1. My all time favourite Actress she is :D Lovely post Arpi :D

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    1. Yup! She just looks stunning....At the moment, Deepika Padukone is my favourite actress in B-town! :D :D

  4. thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Kiehl is a fav lip balmof everyone i guess.. using organic products is nice bt then its expensive... nice informative post Arpita :)