Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash {Ultra-Mild} Review-

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Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash Review-

Review By- Khushboo Motihar

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Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash Review

I am very excited to write about Pears Pure and Gentle face wash! This is my second guest post and it is all about a face wash today! Cleansing plays and important part in everyone’s skin care and a good cleanser is what we all desire for, isn’t’ it? Therefore, I bought this face wash and here is how it fared...

Price: 49 for 60 gm

Packaging- Pears face wash comes in a travel friendly transparent tube with a flip top, which is orange in color. The flip top is a little tight but it ensures that the product does not leak out.

Did you like the flower? :D

Color, Consistency and Fragrance- The face wash is light orange in color and has a thick consistency, which lathers moderately well.  It has a mild fragrance, which won’t bother those with a sensitive nose. The fragrance is refreshing and orangy!

My experience with Pears Pure and Gentle Face Wash-

This face wash is glycerine based and the product claims to be gentle onto the skin. Unfortunately, it tends to make my skin drier. I do not use it in the mornings, usually. Who would like a dry face on a cool morning? However, it comes in handy when I am all sweaty and tired as it instantly freshens up my face. It cleanses the skin well and leaves a slight slippery feel. Nothing too great to worry about, though.

The cap... :)

One thing I have realized is that you need to rub in the face wash on to your face really well (more than you need to do with other face washes), otherwise it remains concentrated at one place.


  1. I have recently moved into a hostel and this face wash is definitely pocket friendly
  2. Easy to carry around
  3. The transparent tube gives me a fair warning when I am about to finish it so that I can buy another one
  4. Rejuvenates you when your face is all sweaty and oily
  5. You need a pea-sized amount for every wash
  6. Did not break me out


  1. Makes my skin super dry if I use it during bathing
  2. Opening the flip top takes quite an effort, it is really tight
  3. It does not spread easily on your skin because of its thick consistency
The beautiful Swatch!

Final Verdict- I may repurchase it just because it is mild to the skin. But, if you are looking for something better then there a some great options out in the market! This one is very affordable and worth a try :)


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  1. Hey great review ! This is my summer face wash :)

  2. great review>> however I too hate the smell of this...and as you makes my skin dry too...

  3. I loved the review Khushboo :D I liked the swatch piccy a lot :D I have tried this and the blue variant in this too and I totally agree with all the points :D Keep up the good work :)

  4. Nice review khushboo..

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  5. Nice Review I havn't tried this yet :)

  6. Nice review..I love the packaging n clicks.
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