Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick in Raspberry Review

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick Review

Recently, Divya Sent this Lipstick to me! I was super excited to try it out and when I found that it has a matte finish, me being a lover of such finishes, have been using it everyday! It is a liquid lipstick with a good packaging. Here is my take on the Diana Of London 2000 kisses Lipstick...

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick Raspberry Review

Product Description: An amazing lip product in a liquid form with iridescent, metallic effect, smooth on the lips, this uncommon texture doesn't feel heavy, nor greasy, the finish stays longer for 24 hours allowing perception in every occasion.

Price: Rs. 525 for 8ml

Ingredients List:

Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick Raspberry Ingredients

Application Tips (From Website): For a perfect finish, outline your lips with Diana lip liner selecting a shade similar to the lipstick shade chosen and fill in gently with 2000 kisses wonderful lipstick. For a more gorgeous effect use Diana Extreme shine lip gloss over lipstick.

My Take On Diana Of London 2000 Kisses Lipstick-

This comes in a beautiful tube colored same as the shade, which makes my task easier. It has a does foot applicator, which makes it an easy take for me to apply the lipstick perfectly. It smells slightly chemical-like with floral hints. The fragrance does not linger on though.  

The Beautiful Doe Foot Applicator!

The shade is a beautiful one- reddish brown in color. The lipstick is highly and superbly pigmented and lasts on for the whole day on my lips. it does not get transferred onto stuff easily and is waterproof! I simply loved the fact that it can survive full meals in between and is light weight and looks gorgeous on the lips. Just wait for 3-4 minutes after applying it and you will be all set for the day! 

Beautiful picture? :)

I simply have become a fan of this lipstick. You don't need to touch up your lipstick in between the day. But removing it is a bit difficult- you either need a good makeup remover or olive oil to get rid of this one. It settles into the fine lines of the lips, which is a turn off. A good gloss or a lip balm is needed for those with dry lips.

A dermatologically tested lipstick! Great hun? :D

Moving on to the Pros and Cons...

  1. Superb Pigmentation
  2. Settles into a matte finish (I love it!)
  3. Affordable (Quantity is good)
  4. Water proof
  5. Lasts for the whole day and even longer...
  6. Lasts full meals and does not get transferred easily
  7. Beautiful reddish-brown shade
  8. Applicator is great
  9. Full Ingredients List has been mentioned
  10. Dermatologically tested!

A Swatch in Bright Sunlight...
  1. Dry lips will need to moisturize nicely
  2. Settles into fine lines
  3. Very difficult to remove (You can use Olive/mustard oil to get rid of it)

Freshly Swatched...
After it dried and settled into a matte finish...
Final verdict- If you like Lipsticks with matte finishes, then do get this one for sure. It is a great liquid lipstick and does its job nicely. It will suit all skin types and will look good on each one of you! I am loving this lipstick...Thanks Divya! I would have never bought it but looks like I will be repurchasing this shade forever... :)) 

Lip Swatch... :)
Rating- 4.5/5

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  1. very pretty shade arpita n pretty lip swatch <3<3

  2. The shade is so wearable..the formula looks similar to NYX Xtreme lip creams :)
    We waana see ur daughters face too.. :D

    1. Hehe :P She is just 11 years old and my makeup addiction is growing up on her too :P :P

      And yes, the shade is really wearable ^_^ Will suit all age groups ^_^ The NYX lip creams give a glossy finish and this has a dry matte finish :) Thanks a lot for commenting dearie :D

  3. its a nice mauvy shade on the lips.. long lasting vow!!! nice review and swatches Arpita :D

  4. It looks nice and glossy…Thanks for the review :)


  5. Shade looks fab on you dear :)

  6. such a gorgeous mlbb shade..luks lovely on u :)

    1. My daughter's lips :D Yay! Glad you loved the shade :D

  7. Oh girl this is such a beautiful pigmented color - looks fab on you ....also <3ed the review !
    xoxo Shreya

  8. Thanks dear :) I am so happy you liked the product.. and the shade looks really nice on you :)

  9. lovely shade. Looks really good on you

    1. I loved the shade too :)) Thank you Manisha :D