3 Rustic Art Organic Paper Soaps- Rustic Art Aloe Vera Paper Soap, Rustic Art Geranium Paper Soap, Rustic Art Sandal Paper Soap Reviews-

Rustic Art Organic Paper Soaps Review

Hi All :)

I am working hard to update my blog everyday! I hope you're liking my posts ^_^ Well, today, I am going to review Rustic Art Organic paper Soaps in the variants- Aloe Vera , Geranium and Sandal.

Rustic Art Paper Soap price- 30 Paper Soap Sheets for Rs. 35

Rustic Art Paper Soap Information- Made with certified organic ingredients, this handmade paper soap is unique because of its premium quality, convenience and ingredients. You will not find it anywhere else!

                 My Take on Rustic Art Paper Soaps- 

All of us want beautiful and clean hands when we are travelling. But those cheap quality paper soaps do ruin our hands as they contain a lot of chemical ingredients and have a cheap quality paper. But these Rustic Art soaps are Organic, have been made with Safe Ingredients and Smell Fabulous :D The soap particles have been unevenly spread all over but still, it forms a richly rich lather. The Paper Soaps have been cut manually without the help of machines and hence the uneven shape. These do dry out the hands but the Rustic Art Hand And Foot Care Lotion can easily solve the problem. The slightly exfoliate the hands too as they have been made using handmade paper.

Rustic Art Geranium Paper Soap- This soap has got a lovely smell which is slightly herbal and smells rosy. I am sure you will love it! This is my favourite variant of the Paper Soaps. It lathers nicely, cleans the hands perfectly and removes all traces of dirt and oil. The fragrance lingers on for quite sometime.

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Paper Soap- This lathers nicely like the geranium paper soap but smells different. It smells mildly herbal and smells like Khadi Soaps. It helps in removing dirt nicely! In fact, all the varieties work similarly but the difference is just in the fragrance and color.

Rustic Art Sandal paper Soap- Smells like natural Sandal Powder, has a fresh clean organic fragrance. This variant of the Paper Soap dries out the hands the most. Also, it lathers slightly less than the other variants. Smell lingers on for quite sometime. 

Let us Quickly sum up the pros and cons (I know, you do not like to read long posts, because,we are like this only :D )

Pros of Rustic Art Paper Soaps-

  1. Lather nicely
  2. Removes all oil from the hands
  3. Add a healthy glow to the hands
  4. Price
  5. Quality
  6. Handmade
  7. Organic
  8. Makes the hands soft and clean
  9. Attractive Color! 
  10. Safe for Children

 Cons of Rustic Art Paper Soaps-

  1. Soap particles are unevenly spread
  2. The Sandal Variant lathers slightly less 
  3. Dries out the hands slightly
  4. Ingredients not mentioned :/
Final verdict- Go get these! They are perfect for travelling purposes and do not damage the hands too! If you ask me, I will definitely recommend the Geranium variant of the paper soaps! I love it :)))  

 Overall Rating- 4/5 (-0.5 for drying out the hands and -0.5 for the unevenly spread soap particles)

Have you tried any of the Rustic Art Paper Soaps? Did you Like it?


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  1. I've never used paper soaps. Always preferred facewash. Now thinking to try 1. Nice review.
    All the best for your blog. :)

    1. Thank you Gayatri ♥ Get one RUstic Art Paper Soap soooon :D

  2. where can we get them online..please provide me link to buy online

    1. Hello Amar :) You can buy these paper soaps online. I have sent you a message on G+ with the link ^_^

  3. Glad I found this post. Thanks for sharing the review about khadi soaps.Thanks for sharing the review about rustic art organic paper soaps.This soap has got a lovely smell which is slightly herbal and smells rosy.Buy khadi soaps online from thekhadishop that has a dedicated collection of bathing bard in many flavors.

  4. Interesting article!!
    Never knew activated charcoal could do so much good to my skin! Definitely will try the activated charcoal & green tea soap for skin brightening & pimples.