Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Review

Les Jardins D'Inde Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater Steam Distilled Review-

I received this Kama rose water in my fab bag. It has been a month since I have been using this and almost 1/4th of it is left behind. I have been using it in numerous ways and this is by far the best rose water I have ever had. If you have tried it, you know what I mean. Everyone loves this rose water and today, I'd be reviewing the same. So, let's go on with the Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water Review

kama ayurveda pure rose water review

Claims: Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater is made from the roses of Kannauj, a region in North India, rich in white soil conductive to roses’ growth. The Kannauj rose is considered special…it has the same specifications as the Bulgarian rose.The steam water distillation process used to create this wonderful rosewater ensures a high level of hygiene and unmatched purity. Rose water is a natural astringent. It balances and restores skin’s PH level and helps tighten pores. Kama rosewater can also be used as an aftershave. Aftershaves are basically toners, however because most aftershaves are primarily made of alcohol and perfume, they damage the skin by disturbing the recovery of the mantle, which is destroyed by shaving soap and razor blade use.

kama rose water review

Price in India : Rs. 250 for 50ml and Rs. 795 for 200ml (Price is ever increasing!)

Directions for use : Spray onto the face and body for a refreshing effect.

Benefits : • Natural astringent • Balances pH level • Tightens pores • Non-alcoholic

Ingredients : Rose

Shelf Life : 2 years from Mfg. date

My Experience with Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water :

It come in a dark brownish bottle, that is translucent. You can see the amount of product left behind in the bottle. The packaging is such that it immediately gives an idea of this being expensive. It costs a bomb but works so amazingly that the price is completely justified. It has a spray nozzle that dispenses a perfect 'mist' of the toner. It's not like a stream of water, it is actually a mist that does not make the face all watery. All product information has been printed aptly on the beautiful luxurious bottle.

kama ayurveda rose water buy online india

It has the most natural fragrance of roses ever, because all ingredients used to make this are pure and roses of Kannauj have been used to prepare this rose water. You'll not find a single rose petal residue inside as steam distillation and proper filter process has been used. The fragrance is mild and pleasing and disappears after sometime.

kama ayurveda rose water review india blogger

Dabur rose water is the one about which we all know. It's just the cheapest and most widely available. What we do not know is that it contains other chemicals, parabens, and stuff. Also, it's not steam distilled and always breaks me out. It's just rose oil mixed with water. However, the Kama Ayurveda rose water never broke me out and the ingredients are really mild on the skin. No artificial fragrance, colorants, preservatives or petrochemicals have been used in the Kama rose water. It's the mildest alcohol-free toner for your skin.

kama ayurveda rose water toner

My sensitive skin loves this as a toner and astringent. It keeps my skin hydrated and tightens the pores a bit. Never caused any irritation and even my children like using this. It's mild and yet, effective. It soothes the skin and cools it too. I also use this to mix my powder face packs/ubtan into a smooth paste. Also, this one is for every skin type and will suit you all.


1) Luxurious packaging
2) Perfect mist dispensing nozzle
3) Never broke me out and never caused any irritation
4) Can be used as toner, aftershave and astringent
5) Adds dewy finish to makeup look
6) Provides hydration to skin
7) For all skin types
8) 100% natural pure rose water free from all harmful chemicals and preservatives
9) Fragrance is of roses, mild and natural
10) High quality roses of Kannauj used to make this steam distilled rose water
11) Can be used to mix face packs/ubtan
12) Cools and soothes the skin
13) Balances skin's pH level
14) Lasts a long time
15) Easily available online and available in Kama stores too

kama ayurveda pure rose water india


1) Price goes on increasing, but I'm ready to pay for this!

kama ayurveda rose water swatch
Final verdict : Overall, I would say that this is a must have product. It can be used after applying makeup as well for dewy look and hydration. It never broke me out unlike the Dabur rose water. Also, this would last you for about a month and a half, so that's great. The ingredients are pure and this contains no added harmful chemicals and is 100% pure rose water in a luxurious bottle that dispenses a perfect mist of toner on your skin. Use this to mix face packs and as a perfect facial mist!

kama ayurveda pure rose water price in india

Rating : 5/5


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