All Good Scents Flirty Eau De Toilette Review

All Good Scents Flirty EDT Review

Claims : Flamboyant and coy, an unusual mixture with a panache of black current and softness of white roses and lilies. Girly and naughty. Persuasive and yet playful. For the one who is at once fresh and innocent, elegant and graceful but also provocative and flirty.

Shelf Life : 4 years and 11 months

Price in India : Rs. 750 for 50ml

Main Notes :

Top notes : 1. Lily of the valley 2. Bergamot 3. Blackcurrent
Heart notes : 4. Rose 5. Gardenia 6. Orange Blossoms
Base notes : Heliotrope 8. Vanilla 9. Iris

Ingredients :

My Experience with All Good Scents Flirty :

Made in France, this EDT comes in a beautiful paper outer packaging, which mentions all the details related to this perfume and looks really attractive. The bottle is very simple, yet elegant and neat. The cap is steel colored and the glass bottle with the light pinkish yellow perfume liquid looks pretty and classy. This can be expensive for some.

It has a warm fragrance. Actually, it has a fruity fragrance and slightly talc-like too. I like the fragrance quite a lot. The fragrance is not very strong, it's very feminine and soft. And yes, it can be worn to work, school, college, basically everywhere! It contains ethyl alcohol and thus for the first few seconds, you can feel the alcohol and its fragrance but it fades away in a jiffy.

Besides being fruity, after sometime, the fragrance becomes more floral and really light. The fragrance definitely has a hint of vanilla and rose. If you ask me, I would say that if you want to smell classy and elegant, then go for this one. Flirty is basically the one I love. I find the fragrance charming and lovely. This can be worn everyday.

The fragrance lasts for about 4 hours on me, which is good, considering the price paid and the quantity of the product. It is also a very good gifting option and I am sure all women will love it. The bottle is slightly heavy and thus, you might not be comfortable taking it with you on travels. But, for short distance journeys, you definitely can go for this. the bottle is by no means weak or flimsy. The bottle is quite sturdy in itself.

PROS of All Good Scents Flirty :

1) Minimal Packaging
2) Lovely fragrance, elegant, fruity-floral, mild and classy
3) Stays for about 4 hours on me
4) Price paid for the quantity
5) Perfect gifting option
6) Naughty yet soft fragrance
7) Quality of the product
8) Can be worn everyday to work, school, or anywhere else
9) Vanilla and rose fragrance
10) Feminine, girly perfume
11) Easily available online

CONS of All Good Scents Flirty :

1) Some might find it expensive
2) Glass bottle
3) Ethyl alcohol content
4) Offline availability

Final verdict : Eau De Toilette is actually a dilute form of perfume and Flirty is exactly that. Yet, the fragrance stays on for 4 hours and is very elegant, soft and makes me happy. I think you should go for it, if you like warm, cozy fragrances. Remember, the fragrance is fruity at first and then fades away into a more floral note. I am sure you'll love it!

Rating : 4.5/5


  1. Nice review dear.. Loved the name (Flirty) of the product :)

  2. I really like this one :) Nice review :)