Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel Review

Hi girls!

I won this Aloe Vera Gel from Rustic Art. I was a bit skeptical to try it as my skin is very sensitive and I get break outs easily. However, I gathered my courage and applied it to my face. Let us see how it worked for me-

Price- Rs. 150 for 100 grams

Packaging- It comes in a tub packaging, which is a bit unhygienic. I hope Rustic Art is reading this and will come up with a perfect tube pack. Nevertheless, the tub is made up of recyclable plastic, which is a Pro. The tub pack is a bit bulky.

Other Information- Please Refer to the Images :)

My take on Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel-

I love this one and during winters even my very oily skin becomes dry and no moisturizer ever suits me! Nevertheless, this one is an exception. It controlled oil for around 45 minutes and moisturized my oily skin nicely. It needs a bit of extra blending after which no layer is left behind on the skin. It soothes the skin and I used it as an under eye gel and as a mask and it suited me perfectly and controlled breakouts to an extent too. Overall, I loved this product a lot! However, one thing- it may not provide enough moisture and care dry skinned girls during winters! I do not have anything more to say about this AMAZING product! It gets absorbed very quickly :)  Summer is coming and I may buy this one to moisturize my skin without making it oily during the scorching heat!

1)                  Will suit oily skin

2)                  Soothes the Skin

3)                  Affordable

4)                  Can be used as an under eye gel

5)                  Organic

6)                  Tub made up of recyclable plastic

7)                  Not tested on animals

8)                  Contains Lemon Extracts too

9)                  Gets absorbed quickly

10)               Controls oil too and prevents breakouts

1)                  Tub packaging

Final verdict- Perfect for oily skinned beauties! Go grab one as soon as possible! I just wish they make a tube form soon!

Rating- 4.5/5
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