DIY– Face mask for oily skin and acne

DIY –Face mask for oily skin and acne 

I have learnt about natural face masks recipes. Slathering on the winter creams and moisturizers can also clog the pores and increase acne . So today I shall share with you a tried and tested home remedy to get rid of blackheads and acne and  keep the skin clear and glowing in this weather too. This is also the best mask for oily skin. Let's begin with the face mask DIY...

Ingredients- 1. Oatmeal or Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti)- 2 spoons

2. Lemon juice- It helps in brightening the complexion and exfoliating - ½ spoon (This recipe is of a lemon mask for face)
3. Tea Tree oil- It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties  excellent for treating acne- 1-2  drops.

4. Cucumber juice- It has detanning  properties that help in brightening the skin - ½ spoon

5. Aloe-Vera pulp- It is an excellent moisturiser - ½ spoon
6. Rose water (optional )- It tones up the skin , tightens the pores, helps in unclogging the pores and also adds a nice fragrance- a few drops
How to make a face mask- You can make your own face mask by taking a clean bowl and mixing all the above ingredients to make a smooth paste, you can adjust the quantity of the Oatmeal and cucumber juice as per your liking but too thick a paste would take very long to dry and too runny a paste would keep running  all over your face and beyond. So keep the consistency to medium. One of the best natural face masks is ready!

How to apply-

1. Wash- First and foremost, the skin should be cleansed well with plain fresh water and a good mild facial cleanser.

2. Steam- Taking facial steam for a minute or two can open up the pores and soften the blackheads , You can either use a facial steamer for this purpose or just use a face towel dipped in hot water , wring out excess water and then spread it  on the face for a minute .Repeat after the towel feels cooler. Do not steam for longer than 3-4 minutes or the skin could end up scalded or irritated

3. You can use your fingertips or a brush to apply the best face mask for acne evenly on the face and neck .I usually apply these beauty face masks over my upper back too but I do that after the face is cleaned because otherwise you cannot lie down on the back.

4. It is better to lie down and relax after applying the face mask ,you can keep two thin slices of cucumber on both the eyes or soak some cotton in rosewater (not in excess as rosewater stings the eyes  badly )and keep it over  the eyes .This helps in relaxing the eyes  more and also brightens and tightens the under eye area .

5. Wash again- After keeping the mask for 15 minutes till it feels slightly firm you can wash it off .If you have active acne then DO NOT RUB the mask off, just wash it off with lukewarm water ,you can use cold water if the weather is hot.

6. If you do not have active acne and have used Oatmeal, use some water to wet the mask just enough, wait for  20 seconds and then rub it off gently in small parts .

7. If using Fuller’s earth, do NOT rub, just gently wash it off with cold water.

8. Your skin will feel clean and invigorated. If it feels stretchy (specially in case of combination skin or in 25+ age groups ) you can apply a little oil -free moisturiser and massage it into the skin  in gentle circular upward motions. 

That‘s it and you are  done! Homemade face masks are a great way to rejuvenate the skin. You just learnt how to maks face masks for pimples. You can repeat this up to twice a week to control the build up of comedones (whiteheads) and keep your skin fresh and glowing. This is one of the best oily skin products.

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