Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack Review

Hiphop Skin Care Deep Cleansing Nose Pack Review

Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack Review

After waiting for 2 whole weeks, this HipHop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack got delivered to my house by Amazon. I was extremely excited and tried this nose strip following all the instructions.I would definitely like to share my experience with this pore strip. So, here is my review on the HipHop Blackhead remover...

Product Description- Hiphop’s Deep Cleansing Nose Strips are designed to remove dirt, blackheads, oil and unclog pores from the nose area. The strip adheres to the dirt and oil in your pores and then they are lifted away as you remove the strip

Ingredients- Polyvinyl alcohol, Glycerine, Iso propyl alcohol, Titanium dioxide, Methyl paraben, Di Potassium Glycrrhizinate, Deionized water, Bht, PVP, Activated carbon, Tea tree oil, fragrance

Blackhead Nose Strips

Shelf Life- Around 2 years

Pore Strips India

How to use-

Price in India- Rs. 90 for 5 strips

Blackhead Removal India

Colour and fragrance- The strips are white in color and do not have much fragrance but the after treatment conditioning tissue suffocated me and smells really bad, like very very strong, cheap quality perfume.

My Take On Hiphop Deep Nose Strips-


1) Packaging is okay
2) Fragrance is mild
3) Cruelty-free
4) Tea-tree oil content

Blackhead Extractor India

1) Availability is an issue (It is available at Amazon, though)
2) Does nothing for blackheads
3) Does nothing for whiteheads
4) Does not unclog the pores
5) Does not stick to the skin at all
6) Contains Alcohol
7) The After treatment conditioning tissue smells gross
8) There is only one packet of conditioning tissue whereas the strips are 5 in number. I don't know why they are giving it with this.
8) Does not do anything you are expecting :P

Blackhead Remover India

Final Verdict- This is one of the WORST products I have ever used. I wish I could file a complaint against HipHop for making such products and cheating the customers. I waited for 2 weeks for this to arrive from Amazon and all my excitement died the minute I tried this. Believe me, I have tried many pore strips including Cool and Cool nose strips and Biore Pore strips, and both were great. But I am highly disappointed with this silly product that just does not do anything. I will Never recommend this blackhead removal product to any of my readers and this is a total wastage of money. Please save money by not buying this crap.

Rating- 0/5

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  1. Thanks for this honest review!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. such an honest review :)
    keep in touch

  3. Sad that these don't work..

  4. Seem like not a great product. My blackheads on my nose is an issue, so I need a better product.

  5. Hi Arpita,

    I too tried these strips recently and my experience was not good at all. This product from Hiphop skin care is totally useless and a complete waste of money. I'll be reviewing it on my blog today.

    Fatima :)

  6. It's a shame that it does't work at all. Thanks for this honest review <3

  7. I had read on someones blog few months ago about these. and I remember that person raving about them. I had been wanting to try them out since then but somehow never placed an order. And now I think I did just the right thing. I had once used Ponds strips and they were awful too.

  8. I love your honest reviwes a lot of people perfer video over reading for obvios reasons lol do you have a you tube page? your honesty would be appreciated their also.

  9. I love your honest reviwes a lot of people perfer video over reading for obvios reasons lol do you have a you tube page? your honesty would be appreciated their also.